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hearing voices-help
Post # 1
hi,my name is Poiug,and am sort of new here

as growing up,at night when its so silent, i had these voices in my
head so to speak...
hearing these voices clear but i heard words not full sentences....
these were voices of people i know,some am friends with,but others i barely talk to them.

words like "sit down"
some like " look for it"
others " i don't know"
freaky 'cause others called my Name...

i always thought it wasn't normal
maybe it was some power i had,to hear people talking in their homes...without me being there
as time went by these voices faded ,maybe it was because i always had my earphones on when i went to sleep.

now am practising Clairaudince , and am hearing these voices again..

can anyone explain whats happening here
and what are these voices....

Please and Thank you
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Re: hearing voices-help
Post # 2
Multiple explanations exist for the phenomenon you are experiencing. The same happened to me bout this time last year, I kept telling myself that I am just having random thoughts and only perceive it as conversation. Though this got tossed when I realized that the words I was hearing were not words that I would ever use and in some instances words that Iwould have to ask others what they meant.

So, what could it be?

The medical diagnosis would be schizophrenia, along with a healthy dose of antipsychotics and a side order of antidepressants.

The scientific explanation would go straight to Nikola Tesla.
He theorized that the brain operates at certain frequencies, just like a radio or any wifi device. This theory was tested and has been proven. Believe it or not LoL our minds frequency range isnormally between 300-500Hz. Yea not even as ssophisticated as a 2.4Ghz phone. So anywho, we are able to transmit and receive messages into our own consciousness.

The paranormal or supernatural explanations are considerably more varied, though any communication possible in this field would also be based on brainwave frequencies (see above ;)
You got your divine(s), ancestors, spirits, other worldly entities.

So long as the voices arent abusive or negative input, then I would say go with it. Though if you want it to go away, do not respond, ignore it and it will give up in about a month or so.

Hope this helped
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Re: hearing voices-help
Post # 3
I believe in the unknown, hence why i'm here.
If you are truthful, perhaps you have some kind of ability?
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Re: hearing voices-help
Post # 4
being for real here Pepsi....
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Re: hearing voices-help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: hearing voices-help
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I would start by ruling out logical answers. See a doctor for your eyes and hearing and perhaps a therapist to rule out any mental health issues. Next check your house, noise could come through vents, or your walls could be thin. A neighbour might be watching something loud and the noise is traveling into your home.

If everything logical checks out, it could be a spirit or even a deity trying to talk to you and guide you. Meditate and ask if someone wishes to talk. In a relaxed state its easier connecting with the divine.
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Re: hearing voices-help
Post # 7
I made a thread that is the same kind of thing called

being able to hear demons
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