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Wicca Question
Post # 1
Hello I am neo wiccan and I wish to change my god and goddess to something else. Should I give them an offering before I do so? At first I viewed the lord and lady as Mother earth and father sky. I feel like I'm betraying them and if I do this I will be mean to them and I dont want that to happen.

Do you think If I gave them a reasonable explanation and two apples and a drink they will be okay with it?

Sorry If im sounding stupid im new to this
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Re: Wicca Question
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
In old traditions, long before Wicca, the belief here in England was in The Horned God (Earth) and The Goddess (The Moon). In modern times,those two were often called My Lord and My Lady. There was also The Creator (The Sun).
The belief in triple Deities is very,very old. So, I don't think you will upset any God by calling it by other names.
It seems to me that all paths have the same aim!
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Re: Wicca Question
By: / Novice
Post # 3
They're very understanding. The Lord and Lady have been called by many names so it's fine. [Many call on Isis instead of the Triple Goddess] the key is the connection. If you don't feel a spiritual connection [like a comforting feeling that this is the right path] then you're just reading words. It is nice to explain yourself, and you can always return to talk to them [I've heard of people who work with a deity for years only for the deity to back away for another to come forth]
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Re: Wicca Question
Post # 4
Thanks guys
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Re: Wicca Question
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

It is not uncommon when starting out in Wicca to use general terms for the God and Goddess, such as Lord and Lady, or Mother Earth and Father Sky. Then as you progress you come to realize that the deities are making themselves known to you by different names. And that's perfectly normal and perfectly alright.

There is also the concept within Wicca of Patron deities, the particular God and Goddess with whom you have a special relationship. This doesn't deny the existence of other deities. Rather it is as if they are your close friends and the others are simply acquaintences.

Sometimes Patron deities stick with us for a lifetime. Sometimes they only come to teach us particular lessons we need to learn. The ones who come to teach us are called Tutelary Deities. They teach, and when we have learned their lesson they move on so that another might take their place.

I think the idea of thanking your Mother Earth and Father Sky and giving them both an explanation and an offering is a good one. I don't believe you are betraying them. You simply have moved on to the next step in your practices and beliefs.

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Re: Wicca Question
Post # 6
Thanks Lark
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Re: Wicca Question
Post # 7
The Horned Gods predate Wicca In Witchcraft for 1000s of years
I believe in the Catholic God so I moved on to Hoodoo and Trad Italian Witchcraft but the Horned Gods are not evil as some like to say they are Nature Gods...I believe all gods may exist as lesser Gods..
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