Help to pay back money!

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Help to pay back money!
Post # 1
Hello everyone, I need help with something powerful to make someone pay me back my hard earned savings he borrowed. I trusted him because he acted stressed claiming he lost his job unexpectedly, and was going to be on the streets any time, and he has five kids? So being caring, I took out my only savings a "large amount of money" and gave it to him cash, and did gave me a hand written letter saying he will pay me back, but he didn't say when, all he wrote was, "when I can". Since he gave me the note with hand writing that wasn't clear, I didn't pay attention until I left his apartment, and when I came back to add more info like Date of Birth, and ID, he refused to give it to me, not even showing it to me, and he said it was personal while asking me to trust him. Shortly after he got the money to pay for so called late payment for rent which was the reason I felt sorry for him, since he has five kids, and late parking ticket and car registrations that was really late. However, instead of using the money for the right reasons, he took my money and got back with his ex-girlfriend and took her out for a weekend getaway. I really fell for his cries for not having money to pay for rent, parking tickles, etc. Now that I have confronted him, asking to at least give me to see the ID, DL or something I know he is who he says he is, he is trying to create drama so he can use it as an excuse not to communicate with me so he can get away from returning my money.
So I am asking if there is any Powerful Rituals to Make Shim Pay Me My Money Back He borrowed?

Thank You.
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Re: Help to pay back money!
Post # 2
You would be better off taking him to court. You have the letter saying he borrowed the money and will pay you back. Let the court make him.
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Re: Help to pay back money!
Post # 3
Thanks WitchUSA,
Right now he has no money, he lost his job, also in the paper, he wrote, "I'll pay when I can" :( no personal information like ID or DL or date of birth, just full name, so the court cannot help. I want him to find a job so he can pay me, with the hope that he will. Thank You!
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