How To Please Loki

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How To Please Loki
Post # 1
Hello~ I am a follower of Loki, the god of fire and mischief. I have found that there are simple ways to please him, and he's very generous to his followers.

1) A good way to offer food to Loki, is to first pray to him, hold the food up, then eat it yourself. He seems to be fond of Wine, Chocolate, and some other sweets.
2) Another good offer is Art. I often draw pictures of him and his children, and offer them up to Loki.
3) Actions. Actions speak louder then words. When I do mischiefous acts, I often whisper "For Loki". He seems to like that.
4) Praying. If you pray to Loki, he will hear.

This is all my personal experiences so just take it as you will
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Re: How To Please Loki
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2

Your whole post seems to be pased on UPG, which can be misleading for others.

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Re: How To Please Loki
Post # 3

This seems like it's mostly UPG based, so...

There is really no right or wrong way to honor Loki. There are no guidelines, no protocols, no rules. You honor Loki in your own personal way as you see fit. As long as you like it, chances are he will like it as well. There's no way to correctly give him offerings, praying to him or working with him.

Some offerings can consist of sweets (as was already mentioned) and spicy stuff. Especially Fireball. But really, any offering will do as long as it's made with love.

Speak the truth. Regardless of the Lie-Smith title, he is a god that bring the truth to the surface. Speak up when everyone is silent. He is also a god of beneficial change. Change is something everyone tries to shy away from, but Loki knows it needs to be done, and for the better.

Actually,The god of fire idea is a famous mistake that is due to the similarity between the names Loki and Logi, the latter being a personification of fire in the well-known story of Thors visit to the giant tgara-Loki. The connection to fire was popularized by the composer Richard Wagner in his Ring operas, in which he portrayed Loki as a sort of fire-sprite named Loge.

Here's some sources as well to help out newbie Lokeans.

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Re: How To Please Loki
Post # 4
I'm sorry what is that?
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Re: How To Please Loki
Post # 5
Thank you for clearing that up! I've been told that he was Fire and Mischief, and I was simply posting this just as a reference since I had to figure these things out on my own, I know everyone worships their own gods differently and I was just trying to help someone who may be confused.
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Re: How To Please Loki
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Loki is, more often than not, considered to be moreso a deity of chaos and change. He is a trickster and michevious, yes, but there is a lot more to him than that archetype.

UPG, which is what Theia mentioned, is unverified personal gnosis. It basically means:when a person holds certain spiritual insights that, while they may apply and work for them and their practice may not necessarily apply or work for everyone. What you wrote about Loki is your UPG: those four ways of honoring him may not work for everyone, and it isn't in the lore. It's always good to clarify on what is your own UPG and what is lore, etc.

I wrote about UPG here:

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Re: How To Please Loki
Post # 7
Thank you very much! I'm new to this whole "Magik" and other wonderful things, so naturally I'm very confused about a lot, but thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I'm always open to correcting and learning new things.
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