Evocation of Beleth

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Evocation of Beleth
Post # 1

Now I am veeery new to all this and am doing some reading on the matter, but could use some advise if you could bear with my very amateur and (do doubt) incredibly silly questions.

When it comes to evocating Beleth or any of the other nine Kings, some book and practitioners offer very complicated rituals with very specific offerings to get anywhere close as well as putting on the paper exactly what it is you want.
On the other hand, others - that it is sometimes simply enough to inviting the said Spirit in your mind and there is no ritual required. As long as you're relaxed, not afraid and genuinely want to encounter them, it will work. And one doesn't need to specifically write of say what they want in a very clear way - the Spirit already knows as it feels your emotions, and, if youe very lucky, briefly passes through you.

The only thing the two sides seem to agree on is -
1) Don't be afraid;
2) Know that you can do it - not think 'did it work? Is anything happening? I can't see anything;'
3)Know that Spirit is not a servant and you yourself are strong, you'e no slave;
4)Don't just leave it half way. When you'e done speaking with the Spirit, thank it and say goodbye to it to let it go.

Now, I have not attempted any of the above before, but I wish to try. What are your thoughts on it and how do you, personally, approach it?
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Re: Evocation of Beleth
Post # 2
Ok gonna weigh in on this one, even though I have never attempted an evocation.

First get all of the info available before performing a summon ceremony. Be on par with protection circles or using the seal ofSolomon, know every detail on who and how you plan to summon. Ask yourself, what makes them happy and what is considered disrespectful.

Here is a website I found with decent info on Beleth.

Also, when requesting info on a summons make sure and post in that category, you will get a more prompt response and from those that are more knowledgeable on the subject.

Hope some of this helps.
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Re: Evocation of Beleth
Post # 3

do you mean?

the link you gave dosent work for me! Im just doing research and read and came across this interesting article :)!

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Re: Evocation of Beleth
Post # 4
Thank you for the reply, it helps. I'll definitely look into it.
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