(Repost sorry) help me

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(Repost sorry) help me
Post # 1
Why does the universe take something away from me when everything was going so good and fine. All I wanted was a relationship a happy one that would last a long time but all of a sudden it ended. I already have severe depression and I've been very lonely for a while. The same thing happened last year and I cared so much for him but he played me and him and his friends started to bully me and then I had to switch schools. When I switched schools I saw this other guy that I liked and he liked me too. When we came back to school after summer break he asked me out. We stayed together for a month but then he left me saying how he was a bad guy. It hurt me. I'm sucidal and depressed I can't even make it threw one day without crying and I just want to find the right person at a young age. I've tried some love spells but they never worked the only one that worked was the one I made but nothing else. Please help me. I need some advice on what spell to use. Please no harsh replies.
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Re: (Repost sorry) help me
Post # 2
Tamara first learn to chill ;) bad things will happen in life. Good things happen also. Let me ask you a question, what have you studied in an attempt to accomplish a change in your life? You have to realize that Magick is like any other religion, it is all based on theory, belief, and written record.

If you were to go to a church seeking answers or solutions, the heads of the church would tell you to pray and read your bible.

It's the same here. If you are looking to cast spells first then you will likely get discouraged. You didnt walk into your first algebra class and know instantly what to do. As in all things you must seek knowledge first, once you have learned the basics you can then begin to see how the magick can help you.

First learn to meditate, learn how to calm your inner self. When you can do that you should be ready for a bit more. Locate the books recommended, they will help you with the first steps.

Dont try to cast while your emotions and thoughts are out of control. Your intentions and desires must come from a point of peace. These same emotions that tear at you now can be used to direct your purpose and fuel your desires. But first must come peace and control.
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Re: (Repost sorry) help me
Post # 3
M also depressed & suicidal. My boy friend broke up with me. I want him back in my life. I am new to this website. Can anyone help please I love him
A lot.
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Re: (Repost sorry) help me
Post # 4
Thank you
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