Honey Jar Spell HELP !

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Honey Jar Spell HELP !
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Please Help!

So my ex and I broke up 5 months ago and are currently on bad terms. I started a honey jar 3 days ago consisting of honey, ginger, my petition, an image of the two of us and an image of him alone. The first day I burnt a red candle on top of the jar and a situation occurred where I had to call him and ask him to delete something which another one of his ex's had posted on his Facebook wall which had my name on it. He has been sleeping with her and had been an asshole to me recently so I thought there was no way he would delete it if I asked him but surprisingly, he said he would delete it without question and within seconds of our phone call the post was gone, I took this as a sign that the first candle burning had worked. On the second day I went to burn the second candle and went to sleep whilst waiting for it to burn out then Mum walked into my room and blew it out. I thought she had ruined the spell so I threw the candle out, prayed over the jar and went to sleep, the next morning I woke up and I felt as if the anger I had for my ex had somehow withered away and I thought it was because I was also in the image I had placed in the jar, maybe it had also somehow sweetened my thoughts towards him. Third day, I was quite busy so instead of lighting the candle I just prayed over it and re-stated my intentions. Fourth day I was also busy so decided to pray over it but as soon as I picked up the jar to shake it up a little before my prayer, I began getting a really bad headache (I never get headaches!!) so I finished praying over the jar and stating my intentions then I put it away. I then got a red candle and dressed it with olive oil (I know a bit dull, but it's all about intention right?) then I placed a picture of my ex underneath the candle and lit it, said a little prayer, stated my intention and then put it out.

Did I mess up the Honey Jar ? Should I start again ? Any tips/comments on my work would be nice. I've also ordered Love Me & Follow Me Boy Oils along with the Reconciliation Spell Kit.
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