Two Dreams, may be linked

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Two Dreams, may be linked
Post # 1
So, a night ago I dreamt that my mother came to me and said "Remember those old foreign coins I was looking for some time ago and I couldn't find?" And I replied that I did, and thought to myself it was strange she mentioned it since it had been months since she had brought up she couldn't find them.

So, then, my mother tells me she found them and shows me a leather sack. She opens it and several big coins that looked like they were made of gold, silver and bronze spill on our table. And I thought "Oh! Those coins. I had a totally different mental image on how they were supposed to look like. No wonder I was never going to be able to find them."

And then the dream ended. Now, that day my mother received some good financial news, so I assumed the dream had had to do with that. But then last night I had another dream:

In it, I was a member of some form of military unit in a strange kingdom that was completely walled from the outside. The unit I was in was some form of scouts, and our job was to explore around the kingdom and see if it was safe to build expansions.

I was being held on trial for stealing something. I was tied up and whenever I tried to speak up to defend myself, a guard kicked me in the stomach. The judge finished the accusations and sentenced me to exile. They ordered my brother (who was apparently a member of the same scout team I was) to drive me to the frontier of the Kingdom with another Kingdom and leave me there. That I would loose all my titles and rank and even my ID. I remember I was confused thorough all of it because I didn't even know what I was being accused of.

So, my brother walks me out and tells me to wait for him in the middle of a square while he goes get his car, I remember it was crowded with people because there was some form of fair visiting. I waited there for a while and then thought "If he is going to keep me waiting. I might as well go and try to grab some of my belongings from home. At least a spare change of clothes so I don't only have this uniform." When I arrived to the building I lived in the dream (it was a tall building and the walls were all completely covered in windows with dark tinted glass), my brother was just pulling the car out to the street. He made me get in the car and started driving to the frontier. When we were about to arrive to the crossing he stops, turns around and tells me to screw it, that they are going to prove I'm not guilty and I'm not going to wait abroad while they do that. (They would be my family.)

Then, at some point we are eating dinner, I think, and my family is discussing about my sentence. And my mother asks me what I was condemned for and I reply I don't know, that I don't understand anything of what's happening. She looks annoyed and so my brother says I was accused of having stolen copper wire. And that's literally when I learn what I'm being blamed for and that's where the dream ends.

NOW, the reason why I think both dreams might be related is because both have this theme about lost property, in both I turn out to not know what the property that's been talked about looks like until the very end and in both cases the property is some form of valuable metal product.
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Re: Two Dreams, may be linked
Post # 2
Dreams are an expression of what goes on in your subconscious mind.It is possible that a situation can trigger memories in your subconscious mind of an event that has no connection the situation.However,when you dream your mind may create a scenario where those two events seem connected.This is the case when the mind is healthy,meaning it does not suffer from any serious mental illness(Heavy Depression,Schizophrenia,Obsession,...). Anyway,if you are worried about the dream,think of any recent (up to two weeks,but if you need to think further back,do so) event that could awake memories which could in turn be shaped into the dreams you saw.
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