Lucid dreaming, Please read ,Thank you

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Lucid dreaming, Please read ,Thank you

Lucid dreaming, Please read ,Thank you
Post # 1
as i was going through the AP posts
i saw this post which was never answered

so am not sure if this is a right place to post this
but see,When i saw this post i was so shocked and amazed About this Lucid dreaming.
this thing happened to me last year when i was still Saved(Christianity) so many times and i still remember all that use to happen in those dreams,but back then i though everybody had it. i those dreams i was hunted by Demons i tell you,some even disguised themselves to be my mom thinking am going to go with them
some where invisible...Some where Spirits,Red and Blue....when things got really bad i would shake my bed trying to wake me,get into bed,close my eyes thinking am going to wake up as in Really wake up..but back to the dream
...But now That's all gone don't know why,and don't how to bring it back cause it occurred naturally...any Information about Lucid dreaming?
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Re: Lucid dreaming, Please read ,Thank you
Post # 2

If you want to know more more about lucid dreaming and astral projection read Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruse. The book explains how to use and induce lucid dreams and subtle body projections.

You could try to stimulate a lucid dream automatically by creating a signal. Like staring at your hands after writing the words "Am I dreaming?" on them. If you look at your hands and do this several times a day for weeks, it will become normal for you and you can stimulate a lucid dream by seeing your hands in your dream with those words written on them.

Also, it is commonly known that your feet and hands look odd in some way on the astral plane so that can also be a signal of you being out of your body. Hope this helps.

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