Christian Witchcraft?

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Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 1
Could someone explain the basics of this path for me... I'm confused as to whether it's a simple system of praising Mary as the Goddess and Jesus as the God and replacing prayer with spells.

If anyone could give me a detailed insight I'd be grateful - I'm always curious about Atheist Witchcraft.
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Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 2
*Also - Apologies but my brain processes too fast for my fingers at the worst of times. :)
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Re: Christian Witchcraft?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
While I do not practice it Christian Wicca/Witchcraft it is the combination of Christianity and Wicca or Witchcraft to form a middle path of the two. [it's not by definition Wicca but some who practice feel it sounds less 'evil' to say Wicca over witchcraft] you follow the bible to an extent, worship God, Mary, and Jesus as your deities, and while many I've spoken to do cast spells, it's only 'white magick' such as healings. The whole path is like spiritual limbo, unwilling or unable to 100% convert to another path. Personally I'm fine with it, but it does feel like a path you do when you want to cast spells but not 'go to hell'. If someone feels complete by the path, then who am I to disagree with them. If you want further information there is a coven for Christian Witchcraft you could talk to on the site.
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Re: Christian Witchcraft?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Wicca.
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Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 5
Christian/Catholic magic/witchcraft are very common
Witchcraft is a craft,meaning learned skill That can be applied to any religion.
The kaballah has Christian sects
Folk Magick suchs as some forms of Italian
And gypsy Magick are totally based around Christian upbringing
Hoodoo,Santira are Catholic/Christian based
Pagans such as Wiccans can not be mixed with Christianity
So you would have to pick one road or the other
The pagans have some great magic systems and values..That road was just not for me.
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