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Post # 1
Hi I'm looking for more the dark side of Necromancy not to do myself but to rather learn it and know it. I follow the grey path and learn both the light and dark side to any craft but I'm finding little to no information on the darker side of Necromancy only finding thing to contact a spirit, follow the dead to where they go and small forms of possession. any help will be welcome.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 2
well some people say that necromancy is a forbidden art but i think its something worth to practice but i dont i would like to but i have schoo, and stuff so yeah but i found something that may helps you.

you need:
a full moon
salt and a cemetary
a picknick cloth or something

go to the cemetary before 12:00 am and put everything ready then sit on your picknick cloth and lay down your salt if you have done everything you should see ghosts and they will come to you to buy some salt give them some salt and they will pay you with something if you have done that you must stay at the cemetary until 3:30 am quiet long but if you go to a big cemetary there are alot of ghosts so your time would be filled. well after 3:30 am leave the cemetary and the payments that the ghosts gave you will turn into real money. BUT WHEN YOU LEAVE THE CEMETARY NEVER RETURN OR YOU WILL BE HAUNTED BY THE GHOSTS!!! i have never tried this but alot of people say it does work so I think its worth a try :)
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 3
How is Necromancy a forbidden art? Necro = dead and mancy = divinayion. Necromancy in divining through the dead and while there are a lot of misconceptions about it, and I mean a lot, it wouldn't work that simply.

If you'd like to mail me about the subject, Rivuaiasan, you're more than welcome to. I might not be able to give you the answers, but I'll definitely know where to point you in the direction of in that case. In any event, good luck and god bless.

Spiritus Servum

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Re: Necromancy
Post # 4
not my strong suit necromancy at all, I'd be interested to find out information about it, though I'm not practicing that stuff rofl.
Necromancy is not forbidden in most places, highly frowned upon sure, but not forbidden. My advice with necromancy is be careful. While most of the old tales are just that, tales, some hold truth and some will kill you.
Have a nice day
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