Real Demons

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Real Demons
Post # 1
Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to know that you have succsesfully called a demon. I have no intention of doing this, it's just that I have been reading a lot about demons, and some people say that if you call out for a spercific demon with your thoughts then it come to you. But how do you know that you haven't just made up the experience (made up a demon). Demon calling can't be easy? Right? Its not like an average person with NO knowledge of the occult can do it?
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Re: Real Demons
Post # 2
Summoning a demon requires more than just a little knowledge. Usually a lot more, in both knowledge and materials. Precious metals, fresh incense (like actual frankincense not just an incense scented like it, and that's just an example different demons require different things.) sigils, patience, sacrifices, prostration, etc. You can't just say some silly incantation and have a nice chat with Azazel. In fact, even if you do everything right, they may not come regardless. And how they come maybe different. They may come as a voice, they come in a vision as a man, or in their true very unusual, and easily insulted appearances. Or they may come like a thief in the night, with you never aware they came, and then you clean up without banishing, and BAM. You've given it free reign. Very few demons will come when evoked without proper ritual. Very, very, rarely they will to someone that's already familiarized themselves with them. There are certain ones (Such as Valafar) that once summoned are at the beck and call of their summoner, but that's not a binding thing, they choose to be that way and can, and often will betray you when they get bored.
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Re: Real Demons
Post # 3
Thats what I thuoght, there just seems to be conflicting veiws on this subject and I wanted something that was a bit more precise. Thank you
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