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Zozo The Ouija Board
Post # 1
my friend is interested in the devil and demons

he asked for my help
he wants to have a word with Satan so i did a research and i bumped to this Zozo Ouija Board
anyone with experience?
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Re: Zozo The Ouija Board
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

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Re: Zozo The Ouija Board
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Lol, wow, I commented on 3 of those links XD

Zozo is an internet hoax. If you check the links Linda provided I also included links to various websites explaining it's a myth. It was started in the mid 2000's and all the tales I came across were the same story, a man who was a writer spoke with Zozo then everything went downhill.

Regarding speaking with the devil, I personally do not believe in him, but your friend can call to him the same way one would call on any other deity for advice. Via a Ouija Board I'm not sure if it would work. As a child I use to be told tales of how the devil would pretend to be a spirit called 'Mr. Smiley' but like Zozo it's just a scary story. [See also saying 'Bloody Mary' in a mirror]

My question is why is your friend interested in meeting a demon or the devil? You don't need a Ouija board to contact them by the way. Research a demon thoroughly [strengths, weakness, summoning, dispelling] and try contacting it. While demons aren't evil they are very manipulative, so you shouldn't summon one for fun, make sure you or your friend does a lot of research before trying anything.
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Re: Zozo The Ouija Board
Post # 4
Zozo is a demon who have cursed and killed People,zozo is very dangerous and Dont use Ouija board they are evil and dangerous ,
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