Was it AP?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Was it AP?

Was it AP?
Post # 1
i did nothing more than just meditating for a few minutes in my attempt to AP...wasn't my first time though not even my second......but what i did was to switch off the lights then meditated... then BOOM! i had this Image of how i was sitting infront of me while my eyes closed ...then i saw a Man that held my head looked at me Eye to Eye (not the eye of my physical body,but the body i saw infront of me)Then told me to calm down,that everything was fine 'cause i was so freaked out last night,i had just rad a post in the Forum about Ghosts...Then the guy Kept telling me his name "it's me Solomon, your Guardian" every time i asked a question he would answer then tell me his name.....and every time would hold my head
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Re: Was it AP?
Post # 2
Solomon is a type of magic practice maybe he was trying to say practice this and then i can answer to you. Usually ghosts/spirits/angels/demons will gi e you a sign of what you could be strongest at or what could help you or it could be a warning. Try looking into solomon magic and see if this might be what he was trying to show you.
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Re: Was it AP?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
From your recent form posts regarding zozo the spirt board demon and charlie the mexican demon I would have to say you are terribly imaginative. This is a wonderful quality in general, but an excess can certainly foul you up in your magical studies. I think less time reading forums about ghosts and concerning yourself of demon summoning and more time spent researching the basics of magic would do you well. When one skips actually learning the craft, the nature of magic and how it works they tend to go one of two routes...the first is they lose interest over a lack of results and the second is they go down the fluffy pink trail of fantasy fiction magic due to an active imagination. Either of those is a waste of time and potential. Of course all of this is just my own humble opinion and you must of course do as you think best. If you want to continue on to the fluffy trail however you will have many who will play along with you. IF you want to persue a more serious route to the craft there are many here on the site willing to share their knowledge and experience ....Good luck
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