Teaching in the pub

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Teaching in the pub
Post # 1

Before you read any further and put your two cents in, realize this is my opinion. I am not meaning for it to be arguementative, insulting or the like. Just hoping that it may make people think a bit before speaking.

Yesterday I witnessed a member teaching someone how to use a poppet to split two people apart. First of all, this is not something you would use one for. Secondly, this is something that one should not jump into when you have no knowledge of the occult. The person asking outright stated that they have done nothing before and have no knowledge of magic.

I feel that if we are going to teach others, we should do it in an apropriate manner. One would not hand their child the keys to their car to go out on their own without teaching them anything about how to drive.

It should be the same for the occult as well. Before occult information became so widely available, one used to have to get a mentor or teacher in order to learn. They would teach them the proper steps to take before diving into anything difficult or dangerous. This is important for not only their safety, but the safety of others.

I am not meaning to point fingers at one person in particular with this as it is not the only time it has happened. I myself have done the same thing in the past and have discontinued because I realized that it is not in someones best interest to learn step a-f before learning step g.

When questioned it was stated"if it is meant to happen it will" and so on. Regardless of your beliefs on how the universe works, don't go handing people keys before they learn to drive. I really do not wish to see others lives ruined due to a lack of forethought.

Re: Teaching in the pub
Post # 2

Once again, this is not about a singular member so do not turn it into that. Many have done the same thing and it was meant to be generalized.

Re: Teaching in the pub
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
This is the very reason the Moderators do not teach on-line!

Re: Teaching in the pub
Post # 4

I love that you want to help safeguard members in their magical workings, your intentions are good but teaching magic online can only go so far. And in terms of seeing any results is not far enough, it really has to be experienced first hand. If you feel so strongly about educating members on safe magical practices, why not make a post about it so that members can see? Ill even help you work on it if you like!

I think the idea should be more to inform rather than to teach, that in itself is a different style of learning except without the teacher/student relationship dynamic. Informing members on the dangers of magic especially how to protect yourself when doing spell work to avoid a back fire, and also things to help enhance spell work. It all depends because there are many types of magic and systems within it, so the post would need to sort of in a very general way cover all basis and in terms of how to stay safe within that particular type of subject, be it poppets to hoodu, divination or spellcasting!

Re: Teaching in the pub
Post # 5
Doesn't this refer to the three fold as well. And harm to none. I am new here. But I strongly believe that we should not administer this kind of magic. Due to changing someone's will. So yes I strongly agree with what you are saying.

Re: Teaching in the pub
Post # 6

The three-fold law is a matter of individual belief; however one would probably be more accurate in the laws of attraction; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore; according to science which goes hand-to-hand with magic it's possible, however, at the same time not always guaranteed to have the same consequence each time. You may get back what you put forth, won't get anything, or get the exact opposite in return; henceforth the magical part is the belief factor and whatever faith you have in whatever it is you are doing.

Personally, I have experienced backlash from doing 'negative workings' against another with some negative response from the Universe in events of my life; one could argue this as purely coincidental, but if we do that let's just defeat the entire purpose of magic then.

However, I have also had no negative reprecussions as well. Then again one could say that the Universe dishes out consequences on it's own time.

People say negative begets negative and postive begets positive, however, it can also be the opposite depending the circumstances; everything is a probability we may have a bit of chance at perdicting what most likely may happen; but you never know.

Re: Teaching in the pub
Post # 7

I agree. People should point out the warnings in certain spells and rituals. I have received many messages based on wanting to learn "black" magic or magic that involves negative energies. I often refuse after realizing they are only 12 or have little to no basic magic knowledge and aren't willing to take the time to learn it. Its very dangerous, I practiced it without any knowledge when I first got into magic and I regretted it. I know now to study before practice.

In my opinion, there isn't really nothing we can do to prevent this. This site has already heed warnings about the dangers of magic, but people don't read the warning labels these days.

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