Newbie Needs Protection

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Newbie Needs Protection
Post # 1
Im only interested in white magic, I seek no harm be done but are there any spell that dont require many items(candles,etc) that I can do. I have no candles or anything, Im a newbie and I would like to know how to protect my home from enemies?

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Re: Newbie Needs Protection
Post # 2

Many people use visaulization techniques to direct there will into manifesting what they want. Its a very common form of "magick" that can be used in your situation.

Simply get into a relaxed position such as a meditative posture. Im sure by now you've learned that meditation is extremely important to your psychic development and you overall well being as a practioner of the magickal arts. Allow all the tension to leave your body and imagine a white light eminating from your heart, third eye, or crown chakras.

Imagine this light filling youre body an exiting it. Imigine this light filling your room and your house and spread beyond it. Imagine this light being contained within the house and banishing all negative energy. Speak out loud and recite an incantation(you can create on yourself if you wish) that assures that the energy in bound to the house and will block out all negativity.

You could also call upon dieties, demons, angels, really anything is of your beliefs. Archangel Michael is good for this if you like angelic magick. If your into demonic magick as I am you could summon any demon that you've created a pact with(im currently working on a pact with Azazel) though as a beginner I wouldn't expect you to have done anything like this. You could call upon your dieties or diety to protect you. if you belive in multiple dities and your working with many spirits and gods of other cultures usually the diety that you work with will protect you if you so wish.

Personally I don't call upon outside forces to protect me as I have learned to use energy manipulation to protect myself.

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Re: Newbie Needs Protection
By: / Novice
Post # 3

First of all, in my opinion magic doesn't have a color. White and black are terms used to define the intention of the practicioner.

Now if you are a begginner you should probably learn the basics before you perform any kind of ritual. You can find a lot of articles and posts here.

Read them carefully and practice hard. If you do so you will eventually be ready to perform a protection ritual for your home.

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Re: Newbie Needs Protection
Post # 4
Hey i have a question how do i stop people from seeing and hearing things thru telepathy. I don't have a high priest or anything so i just pray and hope the bad goes away.
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Re: Newbie Needs Protection
Post # 5
Telepathy isn't real.
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