My vision(with all details)

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> My vision(with all details)

My vision(with all details)
Post # 1
o i was in the process of awakening my third eye,doing that i proceeded to meditation.
as i was meditating i saw an eye coming off what i don't know then being covered on my whole head. next i blacked out.Dont know why but i opened my eyes(physically) but they were weak so they closed.. Then suddenly,like quick stuff,, i saw a huge Eye above a mountain The Eye was The sun o was infront of The Sun...not sure...

it was difficult to look at this huge eye due to brightness it had,but i forced to look.
as i was looking something like a Human was next to it,tried to zoom my eyes to this person but My eyes(me) were taken inside this Eye....inside this Eye i was moving through a round pothole which was had many bright colours on its walls(rainbow like)
this pothole was moving and moving with twisted turns..then it stopped and started spinning above me.....thats when i freak out...then physically woke....

interpretation is needed please
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Re: My vision(with all details)
Post # 2
Hypnotism says it happens but usually scenarios like some places, rivers, temples etc while opening third eye, practitioner should try to avoid the pictures or whatever they sees in practice. It takes around30 or more days to open third eye.
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Re: My vision(with all details)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: My vision(with all details)
Post # 4
Visions are always open to interpretation, and rarely will you find many who will interpret in the same way.
Keep in mind that there is no one single answer, more to the point is the impression the vision left on you.

Based on the imaging and symbology of the vision here is my 2 cents.

The eye normally would represent either forward "future" observations of things to come. Also the eye represents a discovery of something not known. Oh and the illuminati, but I digress.

The person in your vision could likely mean someone is going to enter your life and you should look for this person. They will likely be travelling from some great distance as indicated in themountain.

Hope this helped.
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