Candle magic

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Candle magic
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Lately a lot of people ask me about candle magic and since it's an area of interest I ve decided to make a post.


Candle magic is much more complex than people usually think. It has its own basics and it must be used carefully. Most of the people here believe they can lit candle chant a few words and then "poof"magic.

Well it's not like that. every color in candle magic has a meaning. Combination of colours also has a meaning.

Colors And Meanings

  • Pink: Healing, healing emotions, femininity, spiritual healing, honour, emotional love, compassion, caring, nurturing, peace, morality Romance, service,family, friendship, affections generally represent good will

  • Orange:Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, vitality, energy, stamina, mental agility Attraction, kindness, encourages fun, luck, fortune Prosperity, plenty, success, business, career, ambition Justice, legal matters, selling.

  • Yellow: Air, The Sun, activity, creativity, imagination, visualisation, unity Knowledge, learning, concentration, confidence, insight, knowledge of healing, memory retention Persuasion, charm, eloquence, comfort, joy, travel Alters dark mental mood swings, breaking mental blocks, selling yourself. It is the color that represents the East quarter element of air.

  • Green: Earth, fertility, growth, rejuvenation, herbal healing, physical healing, tree and plant magic Employment, ambition, personal goals, prosperity, success, finances, luck, charity, harmony Counteract greed and jealousy. It is the color that represents the North quarter element of earth.

  • Blue:Tranquillity, peace, calm, patience, understanding, reassurance, guidance Spirituality, devotion, Inner Light, inspiration, wisdom, creativity Sincerity, honour, loyalty, truth, health, cleansing, emotions, harmony Psychic work, meditations, astral projection, prophetic dreams, protection during sleep. It is the color that represents the West quarter element of water.

  • Grey:Balance, neutrality, erasing, cancelling, neutralising, confusion

  • Purple: Amplification of other energies, power, success, idealism, independence, ambition Wisdom, high ideals, recognition, piety, sanctity, sentimentality Psychic ability, protective energy, psychic manifestations, Third eye, meditation, astral projection Male energy, spiritual protection and healing, tension, sadness.

  • Brown:Earth Influence, grounding, concentration, telepathy, eliminates indecisiveness Stability, attune with trees, protection of familiars, pets, and animals Locate lost objects, hesitation, protection, special favours, friendship, material increase

  • Black:deep levels of the unconscious, deep meditation, protection, to get rid of nasty habits Negation, banishing evil or negativity (usually combined with white), repelling, binding, loss, discord, confusion, . Black is also one of the traditional colors of the Samhain sabbat and the Goddess in Her Crone aspect.

  • White: You should always burn a white candle with spells to ensure the purity of the Spirit. White may be used for any other colour, spirituality, sincerity, virginity Spiritual enlightenment, truth seeking, build purity, spiritual strength, contact spirit helpers, balance the aura, healing, peace, cleansing, defensive magic, and physical energy, the Goddess, higher self, consecration, meditation, divination, exorcism, the full moon, clairvoyance

  • Silver:The Mother Goddess, the moon, purity, values, female energy, treasure The unconscious mind, helps develop psychic abilities, astral energies Psychometry, clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, dreams Removes negativity, encourages stability, communication

  • Gold: The Father God, the sun, cosmic influences, male energy, conscious mind, intelligence Attracting happiness, activity, heal and rejuvenate, wealth, financial wisdom, winning

Colors and meanings :

That's only the main colors.

Note: The meanings of the candles are representative.

Now it's not enough to pick the proper color for a spell or a ritual. You also have to be careful on what type of candle you will use. Personally I prefer candles that are crafted from natural materials Because they are pure and therefore have a better energy flow.. (eg bees wax candles)

Cleansing a candle

Moreover candles must be cleansed before and sometimes after the ritual. Generally any materials used in spell casting that might have other uses as well should be cleansed from any energy influence. Personally I use sea salt for cleansing and pray. I won't mention the wording here since people here may have different believes than I do or follow a different path. Moreover it is recommended that the words come from the heart. Pray to your Gods and Goddesses (depends in your path or your beliefs) and ask them to purify the candles. Meditate while doing so and visualize energy to flow away from the candle while a pure light enters.

Dressing a candle

Dressing a candle for a ritual is essential for the outcome of the ritual. It can fasten the results or generally have more successful results. The oil used is the casters choice depending on the ritual's nature. Oils like herbs have different properties. You anoint the candle with oil using your fingertips starting from the middle of the candle. You anoint the oil around the middle and then you continue to each end. While doing so you should meditate and concentrate on the purpose of your ritual. Try to visualize that your goal is completed putting all your intent into it. Some people like to use prayers according to their paths in order to charge the candle with energy again the words should come from the heart.

Carving a candle

Some people wish to carve their candle with a symbol or a sigil to make the ritual more powerful and some others carve the subject of their ritual eg health in the candle in order to make it more specific. In my opinion it doesn't really matter what you will use to carve your candle. Although I would highly recommend something natural like wood. If however you have special tools you use for rituals like an athame you can use that too (cleansing the materials is essential) again it really depends on one's beliefs. Carve the subject of your ritual from the middle to the top if it's something you want to draw to you or from the middle to the bottom if it's something you want to banish or send away. Moreover some people like to carve the name of a color in a white candle if they don't have the colored candle desired for a ritual. For instance you carve blue in the middle of a white candle in order to take its properties.

Note: If yo haven't learned the basics and you are a beginner I would highly recommend you not to perform any kind of rituals.

I hope I helped

Thanks for reading

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