What works best for you?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> What works best for you?

What works best for you?
Post # 1
I've still not yet achieved true astral projection, so I can't speak here, but to those who have- what technique(s) worked best for you?

I've tried a few different, popular methods and they haven't worked for me. I've heard it's different for everyone, of course.
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Re: What works best for you?
Post # 2
Which methods have you tried? And where do you feel that they didn't work; what was wrong with each one?
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Re: What works best for you?
Post # 3
With each, the general consensus is that I either couldn't move my astral body fully out (I only got a few limbs at most) or none of the methods provided the "snap" I needed to push myself out. I think the problem I'm having is that I can disconnect from all parts of my body but my lungs and head; I just feel so centered into them, it's hard to leave, and I feel like I may suffocate if I leave my lungs.

I've tried the Rope method; it was close for a minute but I couldn't keep focus.

I've tried the Tunnel method; I think maybe I was cutting it short, only travelling for a minute or so before trying to slam myself into the end of the tunnel.

I've tried the Rolling over method; each time I try, I roll over physically. I think this is connected with my astral body not being fully 'out.'

I've tried the focusing on what's behind your eyelids method, which has yielded the most success, but it makes me feel somewhat panicky and it gives me a headache. It's also hard to focus on.

Maybe I need to meditate a bit more beforehand...

I have used prayer and crystals to help with the experience. I've also enlisted help on the other side (which has helped a bit; the last time I did it somewhat successfully, I got one of my legs out.)

Maybe I'm not tired enough when I'm doing it? I've been trying in the morning (I've heard that's best) and I'm nervous to try it at night.
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Re: What works best for you?
Post # 4
Chris, thank you for your reply. I still believe in astral projection and I have no idea what it has to do with 'leaving my faith,' but thank you for your input. I will avoid those who intend to manipulate me. Your concern is appreciated :)
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Re: What works best for you?
Post # 5
Hi, I need to astral travel and I am having the most difficult time doing so. Could you please help me out? I would greatly appreciate it.
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