Assistance with Shinto

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Assistance with Shinto
Post # 1

I have a friend who lives nearby me, and she's a practitioner of shinto as she told me. We were talking one night about Kitsunes, and she mentioned she has two spirit Kitsunes. I got pretty interested in this, right? I've studied and researched a bunch of different mythologies and creatures, but Japanese mythology is completely new waters to me. I'd love to learn more, but I have two conflicts: One, my friend is young and she finds it difficult to explain things, and two, I've tried to do a search tonight to find what I can on Kitsunes, but what I did find was very scarce.

I'm hoping there's someone on this site that can help push me in this direction. Ideally I'd like to talk about it one on one with someone, but even some links, books, or other references would be excellent.

Hoping this finds you well,

Atra esterni ono thelduin

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Re: Assistance with Shinto
Post # 2
I would suggest you give the Encyclopedia of Shinto

Also, give Wikipedia's Shinto Glossary a look:

Sacred Texts has the Shinto fundamental texts for download for free:

The BBC has a fairly comprehensive overview of Shinto beliefs:

As for kitsune specific information, maybe try looking info on Inari and other harvest deities, since kitsune are their servers.

I have seen plenty of Tumblr bloggers dedicated to the practice of Shinto, too. So try over there, too.
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Re: Assistance with Shinto
Post # 3
I've had a few experiences with Shintoism and Kitsune. Many Kitsune are loyal to the Goddess/God Inari (Inari is kind of both) and contacting Inari is a good way to start working with them.

Here is more information about Inari.
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Re: Assistance with Shinto
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Here is a thought, ask a member on this website who is knowledgeable in Shinto. Message Moegami
Also, here is a link to her Yokai/Shinto Blog so you can take a read of that.

Have fun.

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