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Post # 1
Hello. my name is Dawn. I am a solitary practitioner, but I love to make new friends, talk to my own kind about magick, and learn new things. I also enjoy giving advice, if possible. I have learned a lot from my mistakes over the years. My son Brett, the only other person with whom I practiced, went to the other side last November. As much as I miss him physically, he lets me know he's still around. Perhaps my belief system has given me a very different view on life and death. He is where he is supposed to be, and it would be selfish of me to be grief-stricken constantly.
Anyway, I have a Bachelors in Psychology, working towards my Masters in Psychological counseling. Also, I'm a Certified hypnotherapist (not on this site to seek new clients). I believe I was put here to help others and to learn as much as possible. So if anyone out there would like to make a kind-hearted friend, here I am. I am nice, brutally honest, and would give the shirt off my back, but please do not mistake kindness for weakness.
My significant other of 26 years, is very much into Eastern Philosophy, which has had a significant effect on my belief system. Sometimes I forget myself and throw energy around, especially if I'm angry, which is rare. He is always there for me and helps me stay grounded. When it comes to love, I am very blessed. He has his own style of spirituality and respects mine. He is not fond of rituals, because he has seen his share of backfires, not from me, but he has travelled the world and has investigated many walks of life. Personally, I like ritual magick; for me it is fun and powerful, giving excellent results when done properly with the utmost respect.
I seem to be happiest when I'm broke, which I usually am. I love animals, I like to make things like birdhouses and paint them, although I'm not very good at it. The birds don't seem to mind, they still come so that's good enough for me.
We are in the process of opening a non-profit organization for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Although I have my own opinions of the government, I am an American who has the utmost respect for those who put their lives on the line, just so I can sit here and write pretty much whatever I want, and to be able to practice magick whenever I feel it necessary.
Because I attempt to be a good person, I have learned over the years, to respect the powers that be, and only call on them as a last resort. With power, comes great responsibility.
That's pretty much who I am.

Blessed be,
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Re: Intro
Post # 2
Merry Meet I am called Ayesha and I have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts I am going to go for my Bachelors in Anthropology because I love to study different cultures I am a solitary witch and is on the Native American path I know a little bit about shamanism
hope we can become friends
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