Help I need a spell

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Help I need a spell
Post # 1
My friend, her name is Ashley, she is going through probation right now, (her first time ever). It wasn't her fault, she was hanging around the wrong people, she has learned her lesson!

But I need a spell to bring her luck. Her original date to get off of probation was November 17th but now she may have to take a 6 week class which will push it to the end of the year. but her PO told her they may just give her one class and then she will be done.
She is tired of calling her colour every night and wasting money and time, she feels like she is tied down to the government, and i want a spell that I can work(simple) to have her get off of probation on the original date November 17th.

If you have any suggestions or ideas I would be totally grateful!!

Thank you!
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Re: Help I need a spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are many things you can do to "help" this. I say "help", because sometimes things don't end up as the desired result..

You could take this from a legal approach, or from a gain of luck approach in your working.

You could use runes that correspond to luck such as Thuriwaz.
The corresponding day for luck and prosperity is Thursday.
you may even call on prosperity deities. (according to your path)

If you want to take a legal approach to your working, you can use the Justice card from a tarot deck, Jera which is a justice rune and stands for legal matters, or you may call your deities that correspond to the situation. However, I would not recommend taking the legal approach to this working unless you absolutely positively for sure!!!! that she is in the right and is completely innocent..

I would however recommend going with luck, because you never know how innocent on the matter an individual is. And if one were to ask for justice, they may very well get it...

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