dream spell protection

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dream spell protection
Post # 1
my boyfriend has been having some really bad dreams lately but they aren't fantasy stuff, he has dreams about stuff in our relationship that could happen in the future. i just want to know if there's a dream protection spell i could do for him that would help make these dreams go away.
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Re: dream spell protection
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I would advise you not to worry. Dreams do not always come true. In fact most of the people tend to dream their hopes or their fears. Since he is your boyfriend it is logical to dream about you and fear troubles in your relationship. That doesn't necessarely mean anything though.

My opinion is these dreams are not so significant that require a spell of any sort, they will eventually fade on their own.

However if you really want to do something try talking with your boyfriend about those dreams it may be beneficial.

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Re: dream spell protection
Post # 3
i know, but i just want to do something to make them go away. They tend to upset him allot and we talk about them all the time.
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Re: dream spell protection
Post # 4
Have him google Lucid Dreaming. Plenty of articles explaining what it is and how one might accomplish it. Premise being one controls their dreams for the most part on an unconscious level but one can also "wake up" within their dream and take more direct control. As far as a spell goes have him write down a summary of a bad dream, the major points that cause the distress. Then have him rewrite the dream, changing the bits that cause distress into something more pleasant to be dreaming about. Crumple the two dreams, burn them and mingle the ashes. Then scatter the dreams to the wind. Remind him both the bad dream and the more pleasant revised version are his creation and one is no more real than the other. Continue to do this.
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Re: dream spell protection
Post # 5

Fox_13 made a good point. So thumbs up and take note of that.

Next , I would like to add that dreams are often just the ramblings and wandering of the mind. Subconsious Fears , Desires , Things that are often in your mind tends to manifest in dreams.

Thus , in my opinion , a spell is not required. Have him banish such thoughts away from his mind , not think it at all and it is likely not to appear. Simply have an application of will and desire and a nice sleep of oblivion is easily achievable.

I would not suggest Lucid Dreaming for this. That is like way to overkill. I personally would have your boyfriend keep a dream journal. When he wakes up , he is to write out the dream. Do this for a week or two , take note of recurring themes , tie it back to his own subconsious fears or other thoughts he haves and cease them.

Also , I know you don't want to hear this and I hate to be the one to deliever bad news but have you ever thought that it is a nicer way that your boyfriend is attempting to break up with you? Perhaps his rationale is if he keeps hinting on things such as "I dreamt we are drifting away" or "I dream that our continued future together is not healthy for you and me" and etcetera is that you would take the hint and end the relationship nicely? I mean you said that he keeps bringing it up , so this may be a possibility. From what I infer anyway.

There are plenty of ways guys try to end things nicely with when together with a girl. Phrases like "It's not you , It's me" or "The feeling is right but the time is not" or "I had a bad dream about us not having chemistry anymore , do you think it is a sign?" are not too uncommon.

Don't get too upset when I suggest this or chew my head off , but keep in mind that this is a possibility.

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Re: dream spell protection
Post # 6
I would advice starting a dream diary, where he not only takes note of what happens in the dreams but also of the emotions they generate on him. He could also write down resolutions for the situations presented in the dreams that he would have preferred. That should help him form a sense of control over his dream world and eventually help him figure out a way to stop the bad dreams (perhaps they are an alert sign of something off in his life and sitting down with the dream diary will help him tie the knots).

If he feels he is stressing over the nightmares so much that he is at the point where before going to bed he is already thinking or expecting to have another one, he could try hanging a dream catcher above the head of his bed or on the entry door to his room. This should help him cast away negative emotions before going to bed.
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