How to keep calm?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> How to keep calm?

How to keep calm?
Post # 1
Well - I don't know if this is the right forum but anyway - I'll try to explain here.

So I can clearly fortune tell but when I'm calm. The problem is that making myself so while telling the future when I really need to isn't that easy.

It's when I'm asking something that really matters for me and I got over-excited or little worried. This automatically affects the reading - and normally gives wrong results.

I'm able to get over this state but not so often I would like to. I'm sure I can fortune tell because the times I'm calm and I'm aware of it - the fortune always happens.

So any ideas how to calm myself when asking something that really matters for me?

I've tried meditation and stuff but without any big results. I also once tried smoking tobacco and it worked - I get calmer and was able to retrieve the right signs but recently I haven't tried it again so I can't be sure if this will be the solution.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: How to keep calm?
Post # 2

You could try some calming incense such as lavender or chamomile. Sandalwood also helps, due to both it's soothing qualities and connecting you with the divine.

I would suggest overall working on emotion control. It can be difficult for some. The best method I have found is working on deep breathing meditations. You can learn to control your breath and therefore your heartbeat and excitement ;)

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Re: How to keep calm?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Meditation is the best advice I can give. It does take time and dedication, but it can very much work. Mindfulness meditation can be excellent for mood control, as it teaches the practitioner, in some aspects, to observe thoughts and emotions rather than becoming attached to them.

Mindfulness methods have partly helped me to keep my temper and depression under control. I am still working on it, but I am seeing progress.

Part of the teaching includes that you are not your thoughts or your moods. They exist, and you may experience them, but they are not you. It is why, when practicing mindfulness meditation, it is sometimes suggested not to get involved with thoughts which will inevitably pass through your mind. Observe the thought; acknowledge it. The same goes for emotions and even some situations and events: They happen, but you don't have to be involved with them.
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Re: How to keep calm?
Post # 4
Thanks for the advice but I don't think any of those actually worked.

I'm desperate now - it's so terrible to be owned by your stupid idiotic self. This is so bad. My own mind is working against me.
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Re: How to keep calm?
Post # 5

Mindfulness does not separate you from your thoughts or feelings, or that "your toughts are not you" lol. The idea is to bring your focus to the present moment. It is a good means of controlling emotion though. It teaches us to bring awareness to what we are doing, seeing, smelling, physically feeling, hearing etc and to keep to the present rather than letting our mind wander on thoughts of other things. It teaches us to control what we put our mind on. Very good exercise for those suffering ptsd flashbacks or hallucinations

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Re: How to keep calm?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I never said anything about separating from thoughts of moods. Simply that thoughts and moods can be experienced, they can also be let go; they are not a part of the person unless the person chooses to let them be. Anger is a very good example of this for emotions. Dwelling on a thought is a choice. Understanding this is something taught in some methods of mindfulness -- in fact, it is far from uncommon; a simple web search will reveal as much.

Allowing one's self to be carried away by a thought or caught up in an emotion can be a detriment to mindfulness. That is why the counter of being caught up is acknowledgment of the thought or mood.

For example, someone is in traffic and another driver cuts them off. They can keep being angry, but that takes them out of the moment. They are too busy being angry about being cut off. In stead, the person can choose to let it go. Acknowledging they wee cut off, even that it was irritating; but not getting caught up about that one moment. They are not their anger; they experienced anger. They are not their thoughts about the possibilities of wrecking the car, swerving, cops getting involved, possible road rage by the other driver; they can experience those thoughts, or let them go -- and remain in the moment.
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Re: How to keep calm?
Post # 7

I misunderstood what you were saying. My apologies. Before seeing your response my therapist and I actually discussed what you had stated, as I did not understand your meaning. My mind is not quite what it used to be.

Mindfulness has been part of my practice for quite some time, as my main goal/task is self work in the form of meditation. I love how it serves as a means of grounding and centering in the present moment, teaching use to be aware of what is going on around us, and to accept it for what it is rather than attaching anything to it.

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