negative energy

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negative energy
Post # 1
hello...a blessed day to everyone..can anyone help me or teach me a spell to release all the negative energy on my self,because everytime my husband came from work i automatically absorb all the negative energy that he has carry from outside. Even from some other person i automatically absorb all the negetive energy everytime i go near them and touch them...please help me..
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By: / Novice
Post # 2
Good day. There are several methods to coping with negative energy. Some people rely on reflection-the application of wards and talismans to repel negative forces; while effective it often requires a fair amount of energy drainage. In the case of wards, judging by the potency and whether or not the negativity is consciously driven by external forces, it can sometimes require vigilance and exhaustive caution to maintain these barriers. Though talismans, and various other spellforms can be used to protect against these energies without constant need to energize them. However, if malicious and driven by intent, no ward or talisman is definitively impenitrae or absolute. If the negativity is free floating and not propelled by an external force, there are simpler means to contend with it. Some people employ various means of absorption; consuming and dispelling the energy by drawing it into an object and properly disposing of the galvanized artifact. Conversely, absorption can also be utilized by tea feeing that negativity from one person to another (I would strongly recommend a willing host in this case, discharging that energy to possess other can invite serious consequences and damnable backlash from the flow of magic itself and the scapegoat), if the host is willing and experienced in manipulating their energy they can dissolve the current burst of negativity, thus relieving the original targeted person of their burden, though it can leave them very tired. I don't recommend employing this method-even for adept practitioners-unless the negativity is a constant single entity that can be purged all at once. Minor daily occurrences of lesser negativity aren't worth the effort of completely consuming and purifying. A third option is to teach your husband how to dispel his own negativity, though without eliminating or coming to peace with its source, the ritual act of purifying himself might add stress and weaken him, ultimately making the negative energy more potent. If the negativity isn't governed by intent, and isn't urgently problematic or potent enough to rupture his balance, I recommend the fourth option; it requires indirectly manuvering around the negativity instead of confronting it: instead of trying to purge the negativity itself, absorb or repel it, you could (assuming it's lesser negativity-not driven by intent) simply override it by introducing simple calming constructs to the home. Simple things like lighting candles and filling the room with a light, airy scent; or drinking herbal teas-specifically trancestate plants like Damiana which is known for its ability to induce calmness and reduce stress; even getting into the habit of taking an occasional hot bath (not to clean-take a shower lol) to clear ones head can make a massive difference. Essentially, find simple, elegant ways to impose a meditative calm-actively meditating would also work though if he's negative due to exhaustion and stress it may not be prudent to him to take a block of time to essentially do nothing-especially if it conflicts with work, hobbies, or other activities done for fun and relaxation. Ideally you want to make the atmosphere calm and offer him opportunities to enter into calm, collected, meditative mentality without having him give up any time to do it. It takes an instant to light a scented candle, in the meantime he can watch the game (or do whatever he wishes to do) and as the atmosphere becomes light and soothing he'll draw focus from brooding on negativity, thus lessening the energy that plagues you both. Similarly, do it for yourself. Things like Damiana tea, scented candles or incense, the occasional bath, or a few hanging crystals to brighten the room (reflecting light and releasing telluric energy for grounding in natural order and peacefulness). Inevitably sharing that negativity forces more focus on it, ultimately drawing on a more potent negativity to everyone around. Overriding that brooding mentality with a more lax atmosphere removes a need to fixate on the damning constructs that bring it on. Without realizing it your reaction to his negativity can fester unnecessary tension between the two of you when it's pointless and devastating. Invite positive rituals into your home. In summation; +Burn a scented candle or incense +Lighten the room with one or two crystals (it doesn't have to be conspicuous, a crystal figure or two, or a few ornamental crystal pieces placed around serve the same effect as a big witchy crystal chandelier-though wind chimes don't hurt haha) +Revive the atmosphere with a personal touch (make something new every now and again, start taking quiet baths, or pursuing new hobbies-together or on your own) essentially just shatter the sense of regularity and constancy, but don't do it too abrasively, leave him comforting familiarities, or he may retreat internally and draw back more negative energy. +Frankly get a dog (they're awesome) they bring love, peace, and the responsibility serves as a fair destruction, or if that's too much find a hobby or interest to give him something to fixate on, a reason to be excited and explore new things. If there is any negative tension between people around him and you can, don't get involved. When he becomes positive, or at the least, calm enough to levelly address the negative aspects of life without succumbing to them, he will resolve these issues himself, and ultimately, he will feel better and more positive for having redeemed negative relationships on his own terms. It will breed confidence which, along with calmness, can usher in positivity, peacefulness, and order. Then you'll find, radiating positivity, everything around you guys will take on a brighter perspective, and the cosmos themselves will begin to provide their own contentment to your lives. Good luck sister :)
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Re: negative energy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Covens.
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Re: negative energy
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Daily grounding, centering, and shielding goes a long way. You should also look take cleansing baths regularly, and wearing a protection amulet/charm can help. You should also look into coping mechanisms like journaling or meditation if you find it hard to let go.
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Re: negative energy
Post # 5
thank really helps me a lot..
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