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Lookin For Friends & Help
Post # 1
Hello Everyone, My names Brandon, I'm 26. I was born 11/22/88 I live in a small city called Barrie in Ontario Canada. I am an ameatur photographer. I have alot of hobbies as well. some of which include reading,journaling,long night walks,astrology, and I love being in the out doors.

I joined this website for many MANY reasons. One of those many reasons is I hope to find some answers with my dreams. I have been having dreams that come true with alot of dejavu since I was little. I do have a dream journal. But I would love to learn other techniques as well. So I can be able to distinguish them from normal dreams, Make them happend more often and so on.

Another reason I joined is when these dreams started to happend other things started to happend. Such as light flickerings, Objects movings, Battery & Sensor toys going off an on, Typeing on my desktop computer when no ones on it, Banging on the walls/closet doors. I use to think the house was haunted, as I moved it happend in every house, As I got scared the activity would stop for a long period of time. I dont feel this is a evil spirit, but would love to get some help/knowledge/understanding in to this matter as well.

I am also hoping to find an make some new friends on here as well. Maybe even find someone who can help me out an point me in a direction full of answers. I hope I didnt make my Introduction to long, I hope all of you have a peaceful & loving day full of joy and fun.

( Feel free to message me )
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Re: Lookin For Friends & Help
Post # 2
Well...I can help on the flickering lights and other activities going on. I have mastered certain magicks that could possibly apply to these occurrences.
Feel free to message me.
Blessed be.
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Re: Lookin For Friends & Help
Post # 3

This is really interesting. It seems like your own energy is causing these phenomenons. I have many of your dreams problems, and I have a hard time remembering what really happened and what was a dream. I am new here and new to magic in general so I'm also looking for friends that I can share experiences. Mail me if you need anything. Just curious, what did the keyboard typed? Have a nice day!

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