Love Binding Spells

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Love Binding Spells
Post # 1
Hi some questions regarding love binding spells.

Does it last forever?

If it is permanent is the caster also 'bound' meaning they will have the same symptoms as the target?

Is it possible for someone to cast binding love spells on multiple people? Or does it work on one person only?
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Re: Love Binding Spells
Post # 2
I dont know much about the these, but I do know that you can't "create" love. If thats what youre after, its impossible. You can create infatuation but not love. To bind someone is a horrible thing. I know it is often needed, but it removes the person, or being's, free will. To bind someone is not a light task either. If they possess a strong enough will I have seen them overthrown. I guess if you do this, ever mind the Rule of Three. I hope this finds you well. Blessed Be.
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Re: Love Binding Spells
Post # 3
I agree with all said above. I also think that perhaps you should ask yourself why you feel the need to ask these questions. Attempting to bind to you or away from you requires a level of skill that if you don't know the answer to the questions you should study more. I personally wouldn't bind someone in the manner you are asking. But if you so choose to attempt this remember the rule of three and you are putting yourself at risk to have it come back on you and lose your free will. So yes in answer to your question the caster can show the same signs.
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Re: Love Binding Spells
Post # 4
I am not looking to do this spell.

A close friend was the target of a binding spell and I am trying to help her overcome this in any way I can. The relationship has ended and the caster has now moved on with someone else.

If he cast another binding spell on new person, will this cancel the binding spell that was done on her? Or will the caster stay bound to her forever?

She on the other hand is feeling an immense 'pull' to the caster even though the relationship has ended. Will the caster feel the same and will this feeling pass? If it's permanent how can this be broken?

I do not know enough about this to help her hence my reason for posting.
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