For organization.

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For organization.
Post # 1

She has an account on here, so I don't know if she'll see this, but my roomate is highly unorganized. It doesn't bother her, but I am Virgo to my core, and she agreed that if I could find some method of kickstarting some organization skills in her, she would go along with it. Does anyone have any spells in their arsenal for this purpose?

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Re: For organization.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This site has nothing to do with such problems.
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Re: For organization.
Post # 3

She thinks magick is the only thing that'll work for her. Maybe I can just use a placebo(spelling?) spell. I understand that there's many other ways to deal with this.

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Re: For organization.
Post # 4
Get a compass, and tell her she has to have everything lined up properly by North/East/South/West.
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Re: For organization.
By: / Novice
Post # 5

What works for me is tying mundane and magical spaces together as my practice permeates much of my life. The spirits I work with also don't like clutter, and due to concepts such as sympathetic magic (symbolic magic, if you will), I find that having clutter entices cluttered energy patterns, which I'm not about.

If she wants magic to get started with organization, then I'd suggest cleansing while cleaning (circling back to the first comment). Once she gets rid of anything she doesn't want or need, she can begin putting like items in various spaces. Personally, I find it helps to have what is called a Command Center for the house in which a centralized spot is used for writing down tasks, groceries, homework if there are students in the house, weekly/daily household chores, having a space for keys and other small items that can be easily lost that need a home. For ideas on home Command Centers, you can look on Pinterest. There are a lot of folk who want ideas for organization.

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