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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
When I was in my early teens oraybe before that I used to dream about the living dead looking into my window at me,and even before that I used to go to sleep and when I tried to turn over or move I couldn't. Now since my husband passed in 2011 I don't remember any of my dreams, is there anything to all of this?
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Re: Dreams
Post # 2
If you see the living dead and when sleeping you "wakeup" and cant move then your having sleep paralysis. And about you not remembering your dream I really don't know.So you haven't remembered your dreams since 2011?
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Re: Dreams
Post # 3
Hello.. I've watched in youtube about this.. y forget what happened in your dream..I forgot the channel but just try to write the exact keywords..they have explanations about that..have a nice day!
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Re: Dreams
Post # 4
I Had a Dream that at first I was on a japanese cruise ship to near australia and back to japan. As I was on the ship I end up in a video game land where at first I end up building it because the water was leaking so I had to create the level from scratch. it ends up destroyed and I had to run away from it due to a flood from it. Causing me to not find the pillow that I lost in the last level of the game or world. As it was happening, all of a sudden I was in a creepy place where dogs would end up becoming angry and aggressive to the point of killing people. I tried ot lock the door but it was loose and sometimes the dogs would pull it out. This is only one dog though trying to get in, but once the lock on one of the doors open after the medium size dog left, all of the dogs and creatures started attacking us. I was in fear, afraid, nervous, scared, and in utter terror of the dogs and hellhounds. As the dog was just starting to bite me, I close my eyes and I was shaking when I woke up from a nightmare. Very scary, very anxious I was, and most of all, afraid and scared. Had two nightmares all on one weekend. one that had to deal with a scary spirit that was in a teddy bear and one that is a hellhound.

Matthew Marinelli
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