please please help me

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please please help me
Post # 1
Hallo please can anyone help me I really need help A.S.A.P by someone who can do a love spell for me I have been scammed so many times before buy people saying the did a love spell to bind me and my lover together forever but they did nothing please I really need help fast
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Re: please please help me
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Love spells are often considered unethical due to the loss of free will for the other person involved.

Often unless talking can get someone to stay with you and love you then it simply is not worth it. Surely having someones love freely is better than forcing someone to be with you and to love you.

Very few people will cast a spell for you due to the personal nature of spells, a spell cast by you is much stronger than one cast by someone else. Anyone offering a spell for money is a scam artist and will simply take your money with no result.

If you really really want to cast a love spell, then I suggest learning the craft from the bottom and working up.

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Re: please please help me
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: please please help me
Post # 4
Very very good advice!!
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Re: please please help me
Post # 5
True love comes from the heart and includes risks. If you're not willing to take the risks involved you're not willing to love unconditionally. Casting a "Love Spell" would not and could not ever create True Love, it would be more akin to indentured servitude. If you're asking for and paying for "love spells" then you've not truly in love, you're just afraid to be alone.
I know this may sound harsh and though I wish it weren't, Truth can be harsh and brutal. You need to sit down with your significant other and talk, get the truth out in the open, and go from there. Imagine how your partner would feel if they found out you were trying to force their love, it wouldn't turn out well.
I wish you all the peace and happiness you truly deserve, Good Luck!
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