Hello! ~hand wavy~

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Hello! ~hand wavy~
Post # 1
Seems I found the right place after all to start talking about myself, but whatever. That's the life of a newbie for ya.

If you missed it in the "For new members", thread before in the other forum, my name is Nathan, but I prefer to be called Nathaniel in place of it. If we're just going to be casual, and as request of respect in other cases, I would like to be referred to as Dalunir. it's fine whichever name you wish to call me by, but if for some reason a ritual pertains to me personally, I would prefer only Dalunir to be uttered in that regard.

While it's true that I'm new to this site, I've been learning the concepts of magic for a while now under a mentor who would prefer to not be mentioned. He's a good fellow, a great friend and a better teacher, but I digress. I've mostly studied Scott Cunningham's method of spellcraft and it has helped me to perform a few, personal rituals of my own and I have a number of them planned for the future when I have the right tools, time and energy.

I hope personally to deepen my relationship with Theos. For those unfamiliar with Greek terms and don't share my head-space, Theos, literally meaning "divine" in Greek, is a name that I use to refer to the Divine Power as a whole, though that does not stop me from uttering and channeling the separate faces of Theos, but that is my own personal, metaphysical philosophy on the subject. If you'd like to know more, I'll be more than giddy to share. As long as, of course, we can all keep an open mind.

Other than that, I hope to become more of a positive force in the world, when growing up I was more of a negative one. Death and personal issues in my life twisted me horribly and it's only now in my adult years does it feel like I've ever made any kind of meaningful growth and I wish to keep it going, growing to become a better, stronger being as a whole.

I hope to enjoy myself and find new brothers and sisters among you all. In my spare time I play videogames, I play Magic: The Gathering, write novels, poetry and electronic art that I share on my social media.
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Re: Hello! ~hand wavy~
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Welcome to SoM, Dalunir!

If you'd like to discuss anything, feel free to drop me a message (and anyone else if you'd like).

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Re: Hello! ~hand wavy~
Post # 3
Thank you very much :)
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