Energy healing

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Energy healing
Post # 1
There is a little something which i would like to ask does transferring of energy in case of energy healing can have some consequences.And also if the energy healing is affected by purity of transferred energy.Thnks in advance.Blessed be.
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Re: Energy healing
Post # 2
My experience which is limited. But using energy to heal does drain me. And using the energy isnt an instant fix or a substitute for consulting a physician. Using energy to heal can open you up to negative energies. But with meditation and learning more about directing this ablity you should be able to.protect from negative energies. But I would highly recommend learning more about meditation being able your energies before trying it.
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Re: Energy healing
Post # 3
Energy healing has its consequences. As for me, whenever I employ such a technique, I would have a headache of some sorts. It is because the way I do so is by absorbing the negative energy from others and put it into me. But knowing that the negative elements from them which constitutes the sickness isnt mine to start with, I heal fast from it.
The extent of energy used is a matter of intent and purpose. The stronger the intent, the more powerful it will be. However, focusing on the right thing is vital as well. If u do not focus, the energy you garnered will only be wasted.
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Re: Energy healing
Post # 4
For me personally, energy healing (and I use the term loosely because pretty much all metaphysical work involves energy work of some sort) does not have to come with any adverse consequences. There are many ways to heal someone ranging from physical contact, astral projection, using universal light energy, using vibrations, crystals, etc. I use universal light energy when performing healings. It's just a matter of drawing in the energy in from the universe and using it to heal a person. Universal light energy is limitless and always available, and since I am not using my own energy, I don't feel drained.
As for the purity of the transferred energy...I find the most important thing is the intent behind the action. A source of energy pure or not, won't do much good, if my intentions are not pure.
If you are interested in healing, I suggest you do research on the subject (a lot of research). If it's for you, you will find the topic exciting and fascinating enough to keep researching until you find something that resonates for you.
As always...ground, center, and shield before performing any metaphysical work.
Just my thoughts on the subject.
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Re: Energy healing
Post # 5
I will also worn u healing this way can be really draining. a thing u can try/ look to lesson the drain is runs, cause you can control the out put of energy your using so that u don't drain your self to much. You can also learn to create your own so their personally made just for you. It could be a good way to start till u can billed up your magical endurance.
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