Summonings via pendulum

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Summonings via pendulum

Summonings via pendulum
Post # 1
I have a problem with my pendulum.. So, I tried to summon a specific demon..I know who.. I did the summoning as excactly with the ouija. The ouija didn't workednfor me, so I thought to try this one. At first, I tried to summon the demon through an ouija board but it was really not good, the pendulum really couldn't be moved on the letters. Then, I made a pendulum board but not a message chart. I put a CD on a paper and I hace draw a circle.

Then, I put the directions "yes, now, maybe, I don't know". The pendulum although I put the directions, it was moving on it's own yes and no, as it has shown me.. There's a video on youtube which say "Make a Pendulum board for free!". I made itnkinda like that way, but the letters was really small and excactly the one next to the other, so it wasn't that easy-again to be moved. I wrote also the numbers but still. I asked are you here? I think it made a yes move, but not according to the board, as it was it's own yes. So I asked to spell me the name (of the demon), but it didn't moved..vWhy that happened? Have I summoned her or not? I don't think so, but I don't know why it moved to yes also..

Do maybe I must have or print a special pendulum chart to work???
Thank you everyone!!
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Re: Summonings via pendulum
Post # 2
Pendulums can not summon. They are used for spirit contact,and helping a person find out answers to questions as well as general advice. I make pendulums, and do readings. I have never heard of anyone using one to summon a demon. They are not made to be used in that way. Perhaps this was your spirit guides way of saying "summoning demons is a really stupid and bad idea". Not that you are stupid or bad just the idea.
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Re: Summonings via pendulum
Post # 3
yes I have to agree. Demonkyn are very smart and will try to deceive those whom summon them. I do Demonic Banishings. TO bring something into play is so much easier than trying to get rid of it. A demon doesnt have to announce its presents. The only time it even has to answer you is if you are an exceptionally powerful Conjurer who has intimate knowledge of the being they are summoning. These beings will try to break free and once you lose control you may very well never get it back again. I hope this is helpful. Blessed Be.
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