Negative energy

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Negative energy

Negative energy
Post # 1
Hi, i wanted to know after getting a cleansing spell done twice how long does it take to remove the negative energy of my boyfriend...
I had a love spell done on him but all of sudden since hes got back from holiday hes been ignoring me so the spell caster contacted me and said he has negative energy now he is going to cast cleansing spell tommorow and on monday im just wondering how long will it take for the negative energy to go because my love spell has fully manifested but due to negative energy i have to wait ....
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Re: Negative energy
Post # 2
If a spell caster offered to cast spells for you in exhange for money then it is most likely a scam.The reasons for your boyfriend's behaviour may not be caused by magic.
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Re: Negative energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I agree with Japo. It seems kind of strange.
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Re: Negative energy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Uzzy, cleansing and banishing are incredibly easy to do. There are myriad rituals to help direct intent. It would also put your boyfriend in the thick of the ritual if he did it himself. His own intent would be directed, but he must be the one who wants to do it; he cannot be forced into it.

I'm hoping you're not trying to change his attitude, such as an anger issue. I can tell you from first-hand experience that takes determination, practice, and training. I read books, learned mantras, learned how to analyze myself when my mood started peaking. Five years later, I am much improved but I have to keep vigilant, lest I slip up.

Or a mood issue, like depression: No spell can just fix that, no matter how much negative energy is banished. That, too, takes a lot of work to manage. I have never taken medication for my depressive issues, as they are not consistently severe enough. But I do have to make sure I work to keep it in check, and a lot of it is similar to things I learned with anger control.

I'm not assuming this is exactly what is going on, but sharing a bit of my tale in case it helps.
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Re: Negative energy
By: / Novice
Post # 5
the spell probably wore off as all spells cast to overpower someones free will do eventually [assuming it was a 'make him love me' type spell and not a 'two people strengthening out relationship' spell] try talking with him, he might need some space, or he could be tired. don't worry too much.

regarding a cleansing that's easy, and there are many methods to choose from [easier if your boyfriend knows you do magick] you could try drawing him a bath and add sea salt to the water. you could also try burning incense with cleansing properties [sage for example] cleansings are rather instant [like washing the floor] but negative energy rubs off from people, people and situations and sticks to you like tar so regular cleansings and/or grounding of these energies are needed. [again, like washing your floor it's usually a weekly process]

overall i would talk with him instead of casting any more spells over him in secret, no good will come of it.
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