Finding your god/goddess

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Finding your god/goddess

Finding your god/goddess
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

My friend insists that I should find who my god/goddess/diety is, before I look any further into the craft.

I've chosen to post this here, as I am greatly interested by Norse mythology.

I have no idea how I could possibly know who is looking after me, or who is there for me, and no idea how to work it out.

I've felt a connection to Odin with no explanation as to why at all. Also, the name 'Eidys Thora' has been presented to me on occasions. Could this be my 'pagan name' or would it be something else?

He advised me to loo for signs to know when my guide is close, for example with him he works with Hermes, so he knows he's close when he sees feathers.

Any input is appreciated :)
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Re: Finding your god/goddess
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You are not required to follow a deity to practice magic. Keep learning, learn about deities if you are interested, practice and think.

When you are ready, you will know which way to go.
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Re: Finding your god/goddess
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

The Norse deities don't require to be put higher than other deities, nor are we required to be exclusive to Heathenry (this is actually seen in history). However, my understanding of Greek polytheism is that those deities do require to be put higher than other Gods (though from what I've seen, one does not have to be exclusive).

As NordStar has stated, you don't need to find "your deity" in order to practice. The Norsemen have magical practice, but it isn't called the Craft (except in Old English, Galdorcraeft, which correlates to the practice of Galdr by the Norse - keeping in mind that this is all Germanic). There are also deities associated with magical/spiritual practices, such as Freyja being associated with Seidhr. However, Seidh-workers are not required to have involvement with her in order to practice.

If you are personally keen on finding a relationship with the deities, then you'll want to research what they are about and go from there. Keep in mind that different deities will have different dispositions.

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Re: Finding your god/goddess
Post # 4
I agree with most of these posts on here. You don't have to be pagan to practice the craft. There is such thing as a secular witch.
But, however, if you feel a God or Goddess calling to you, take some time to read into it and connect! I myself have a relationship with Odin. He has much to do with soldiers, war tactics, and is also a clever old fool. I felt reluctant to connect with him, because I'm such a peaceful, anti-violence type person. Then he told me you do not need a weapon to be a warrior. Anyways, that's my personal experience with the Norse pantheon.
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Re: Finding your god/goddess
Post # 5
Im personally trying to find my goddess
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Re: Finding your god/goddess
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Kee, that search can be long and difficult. Whether you are wanting to incorporate a different deity into your currwnt religion, or change religions entirely, it can be a deep and long-considered and researched change.

Fortunately it does not limit your ability to practice magic. And if you choose to explore mysticism as well, you may find a system specific to your deity of choice.
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