I am new

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I am new
Post # 1
To this site I am Newbie, However with Casting and protection I am well versed.
I also Feel someone in this world of ours has upset the Life Tree.
I believe someone has enchanted the fishes of the sea and upset the true balance, hence the Sharks along every shore in the World.
I can remove such an enchantment for Australia with my Welsh heritage spellbook and it is in motion asof the super full moon, but the rest of the world i am not powerful enough to handle.
IF u care please Use your heritage to purify the ocans of your part of the world to restore the balance.
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Re: I am new
Post # 2

I don't really see how a single human could upset the Life Tree, but sharks are just adapting to freshwater in result they are swimming into other parts of the world, the world does what the world wants, mother nature will decide, I wouldn't mess with it, but thats just my opinion!

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Re: I am new
Post # 3
I would normally agree with you on this.
However evidence is death of humans on a massive scale accross the globe via earthquake, storm, tornado's and animals, so i religeously played my part to restore balance to the best of my abilities in my direct area.
I do not normally try to pursuade the elements, yet felt the balance of man and earth shift.
I am loving the sunshine and warmth the earth has given me for today and wish you many thoughts of well being and happiness.
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Re: I am new
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Wait so you actually believe that sharks along coast lines is because of an enchantment and not because that is some of their natural habitat?

If you really beleive that you can "Restore the balance" of a world that is behaving naturally so that humans can benefit, then you are restoring balance at all, you are upsetting it futher, that is even if you could do anything at all.

We are in a massive extinction period of almost every animal on earth, it is not humans that are the ones suffering, it is every other species because of humans.

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Re: I am new
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Introduce Yourself from Welcome.
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