What happened..

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What happened..
Post # 1
Ok, So a while back, I think it was this site but I dont see the link I was reading at the time it might of been a different site.. More or less it said if you want to get into occultism go to sleep with a notebook next to you, tell your self when you go to sleep your going to wake up after your first dream write down what your dream was, and go back to sleep, tell ur mind to wake up after your next dream and write it down..

Now leme tell u this, I dont have a long history of hearing voices but when I was a little kid I used to hear a womans voice call my name it was normal, after a while I didnt hear it any more, i'd just hear her when I was alone from what I remember..

ok so back to where I was going before, I told my self to wake up after my dream, fell asleep, woke up after my first dream, and I hear the womans voice call my name..

Did I do something wrong, I was scared. Maybe I shouldve protected my self?
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Re: What happened..
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It could have been something mundane, too, such as hypnogogic hallucinations (when your brain is still trying to dream, from being woken up from deep sleep -- the reason so many "ghosts" are seen when people need to pee in the middle of the night) or exploding head syndrome (yes, that's a real name) It's auditory phenomena when the brain is in a relaxed, near-sleep state. Some people here booms, even see flashes, and sometimes hear voices -- especially voices calling their names. It's just the brain kicking into a dream-like state a bit early.
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