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My Biggest Question
Post # 1
I have been practicing magic for more than 20 years. I have only One major question. How do you ever turn off you powers? For example: I walk into a house and can feel an uneasy spirit. No matter what I do(short of banishing it). I can still sense it there. That can be annoying if that spirit is weak. If it is strong it can be down right uncomfortable even painful. I can put up a barrier (most of the time) but even with that barrier there. I still can feel their energy "bump" against it. I was just wondering if i could turn off those senses I have gained? For only for a short amount of time? That is something I was never taught how to do. The ability to turn off and thus ignore that negative energy. Would that perhaps even be good? I'm not even sure as I have no choice in the matter. That is not the only time i don't want to know. Another example: I really don't want to sense how well a stores clerks day is going. Sadly if they are not my friend I just don't want to care. But i will open my big mouth and say I hope you have a better day and smile at them. More than once I have gotten their whole life story. Not to sound mean but if I sense it, I have the desire to help. If i can turn that sense off i won't have the desire to help, cause i just won't know they have a problem. I can't ignore something I know to be there. If I don't know it would be easy to ignore. Also not being able to turn off the powers ever is bad when I deal with injured animals Which is my job. Feeling someone or something else pain is no joy. Caring is required. Feeling pain from the animal and than the loss/sadness of their owner is not. Is it even possible to shut down those senses for say a few hours?
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Re: My Biggest Question
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
What you seem to be experiencing is normal kindness, and empathy. What you feel in a house is "the atmosphere" of the house. You just have to accept it. It is very unlikely to be a "spirit".
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Re: My Biggest Question
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I've heard some empaths have gotten so overwhelmed they subconsciously 'shut off' their ability, but it's semi-permanent. [Like a mental breakdown, you can't just have one for a few hours] but some people are good at reading body language and situations. Another is if there's an argument a few minutes before you arrive, the 'atmosphere feels heavy' because you can feel the energy in the room. Many people [witches and non-witches] can do these things, learn how to cope with it. I don't know how to ignore basic human kindness. [Without completely shutting down emotionally which isn't fun]

For spirits bothering you it could be a combination of you sensing the rooms energy [again if there was a fight before you entered] but if you are so bothered by spirits and energy do a regular cleansing and protection at least of your house which will give you a neutral area to relax in. The empathy of animals and other people is a fine trait to have but find a coping method to ground the energy and clear your mind of these things. Otherwise your mind becomes a cluttered attic of junk that weighs you down. Meditation, journaling, burning letters, might help you work through things.
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