dream help?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> dream help?

dream help?
Post # 1
I don't know if this is just active imagination or it actually means something. I keep dreaming about running in the forest. What's weird is that a cat is always near or on a tree that I pass, showing up every few yards. I eventually reach a stream from which I drink from and begin to choke all the while that cat sits nearby looking annoyed. Then as I start to fade I hear "idiot" then wake up.
Honestly, I hope this is just imagination and not some deeper meaning.
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Re: dream help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

If you believe in them, it is entirely possible that this cat may be your spirit animal. My husband also found his spirit animal through dreams. He dreamt of a talking badger for three nights running. It sort of called him an idiot too when he was slow to pick up on the fact that the badger was trying to tell him something.

You might try talking to the cat when next you dream of it and ask it whether it is your spirit animal or not. If it is then there is something that it is trying to teach you.

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Re: dream help?
Post # 3
Thank you I'll try that.
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Re: dream help?
Post # 4
I would say the apex, or most important part, would be the stream. Also try asking the cat what the stream means. I also found my black wolf in dreams. She is female. And her name is Lupa after the Ancient Greek Lupa.
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Re: dream help?
Post # 5
Listen to and follow Larks advice. If the cat's calling you an idiot there's a reason. Ignore the stream and sit down and talk with this cat, and should it turn out to be your spirit animal be sure you find out it's name. I hate admitting this but I heard "idiot" a couple times myself, but it's worth being called an idiot in the long run.
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