High vibrating stone???

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> High vibrating stone???

High vibrating stone???
Post # 1
I was a reading a spell on a Protection Stone and it said you needed a "high vibrating stone", I can honestly say I have absolutely no idea what that is. Can someone explain?
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Re: High vibrating stone???
Post # 2
It depends. Do you need the stone to do the ritual or are you using it what you are using to put the energy into to protect? I have found clear quartz to increase energy to do a ritual and I use a dark colored stone like obsidian, jet, or onyx to protect against negativity or negative energy. But one thing I have found with working with stones is if I am using obsidian to absorb negativity then it requires cleansing to rid it of what it has absorbed. Which depending on the stone could be putting it in a stream, or salt water, sunlight or smudging with sage. Some stones don't tolerate sunlight it alters their properties and the same with salt water. Sorry I am not an expert. It just is what I have learned in my readings and practice.
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Re: High vibrating stone???
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Subtle vibrations take after vibrations of sound and wavelengths of light. The stone isn't literally, physically vibrating, it just means that the stone has a naturally high spiritual vibration (or frequency, if you want to term it that way). Think of the physical plane as the densest, the etheric plane as middle ground, and the astral plane as the least dense (if you have a belief system that reaches higher/less density planes, then those would be the least dense of vibrations.

Generally stones associated with psychic awareness (such as amethyst), "booster crystals" (such as quartz), or stones associated with higher beings (selenite for angels, for example; stones associated with deities will be varied and often personal to the devotee/practitioner) are considered "high vibrating stones" as the spell calls for.

Crystals such as smokey quartz, tiger's eye, and hematite tend to be associated with the physical body, therefor would be considered by this paradigm as a lower vibration. However, that does not make them lesser in anyway.

Keep in mind that these associations tend to be more New Age and personalized to some degree. If you find differently, then great. It won't mean you're wrong. If you find this clicks, also great; the goal is to make things work for you.

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Re: High vibrating stone???
Post # 4
If you're looking for a high vibration stone I would recommend Lithium Quartz or even Spirit Quartz (Also known as Cactus Quartz)
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