how spells really work?

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how spells really work?
Post # 1

hi guys i would like to explain how spells really work, this explanation will be a great help for beginners or maybe to other advance people here.

now how spells work and how magic works?

some people here think that spell itself has the power i mean the words and how you compose a spell.

but its all about your belief in magic

spells rituals and other tools that you know and your using are just tools or medium of your power the real power of magic comes from the caster it self. spells,rituals and other things you use in magic are just tools to help you channel your energy inside, spells make your energy stronger to manifest your desires.

you must believe in it you must have determination and faith if you think that your spell doesnt work it really wont work. you must have no doubt in yourself and in your spells.

the only limitation is your mind if you limit yourself you limit your magic

your belief faith and determination are your power so you need to combine these three.

it also applies in our everyday situation . to overcome all the problems
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Re: how spells really work?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
belief is important, spells work as the result of the energy, not the belief. to cast a spell you charge energy, focus on the task, and visualize your intended outcome. once the spell is cast, you should continue working towards your goal as if you never cast [so you don't sit back and go 'why go to work early? i cast a spell for more money']

Scott Cunningham in his book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner defines there are three types of energy personal power, earth power, and divine power. personal power is the energy your body needs to survive, earth power is the energy found in herbs, crystals and other things found in nature. divine power is the energy we use in spell casting. relying on earth power isn't enough, and using your personal power will weaken you and could potentially make you sick. to cast spells properly you need to learn how to tap into the divine power of the universe.

finally, just because you believe, doesn't mean all spells work. the divine energy is natural, and is ruled by the rules of nature. therefore it cannot contradict nature. you are human. any spell to change that will not work no matter how much you believe.
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