Salvia divinorum and ap

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Salvia divinorum and ap

Salvia divinorum and ap
Post # 1
a little while back i stumbled upon an article about salvia divinorum (sage of the shaman???) and it's effectiveness at helping to induce astral travel. i would like to know what any of you think about it? have any of you tried it?? does it work? please don't be shy with the advice, if you have some knowledge then lay it on me :)
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Re: Salvia divinorum and ap
Post # 2
I messed with salvia once to have a good time or what not, I had a blast its still one of my funnest memories. Second time I stumbled on it I was at the jersey shore and I smoked some 2x or 20 x extract not sure but it was an extract that is supposed to be smoked in a bowl..Bro that stuff had me hallucinating I smoked some with my fiance' and we were tripping it felt like somethings trying to take a hold of me from behind things seem to float around the room and stuff, anyway point is it changes ur perspective on things i.e. ur perspective on reality IDK what u wanna get from it but I feel like I been trippin ever since, that was back in 2012 when hurricane sandy hit..No astral travel..I messed with calea zacetichichi thats a whole nother trip u might be interested in..peace
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Re: Salvia divinorum and ap
By: / Novice
Post # 3

It is possible that salvia may help in inducing astral projection.

However I believe it would be better if you didn't consume, smoke or inhale anything before you attemp to try astral projection. Your mind should be clean and relaxed in or to achieve astral projection other wise it might be dangerous (get out of control) especially if you are a beginner.

I would advice you to start with meditation and practice for a while before you try astral projection.

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Re: Salvia divinorum and ap
Post # 4
thanks for the advice, and i have been trying meditation and practice, i guess i'm just looking for an easier way
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