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Hi i dont know if there is already a thread about this one. but if none i would like to be the first,

we have different faiths views and ideas about life there are no right or wrong about it. because we are all walking our own path, these are all valid

we need it to grow and understand everything. for life is like a staircase we step and understand things one at a time.

what is i am presence?

I am presence is our divine self within. It is our connection to all higher beings in higher plane or on what we called heaven. well this is not a religion based belief so it doesnt matter what belief you have, even you say i dont believe in what this guy is saying it doesnt matter because you still have it, you just dont know it yet or your just not aware enough, human race came from different higher beings in heaven, not just archangels angels or jesus or buddha or allah. higher beings in heaven made human to become like them one day, so living here is like a school and to raise this planet earth because seriously the state of the earth right now is not good, we can raise this by becoming one again with our i am presence. what i meant by human is not the human body together with soul. no we are the soul in temporary human body. we are not aware but sometimes we hear the voice of our i am presence and we sometimes think its our spirit guide or just another spirit but its our i am presence who is talking to us its really our guide and our teacher because it is our spiritual parent. but of course they dont intervene with our lives because they respect our free will . if you want to know your i am presence you need to invite it. you need to have a sincere call.

to help you feel for the first time your i am presence
i can give you exercise to experience this:

close your eyes as you inhale and exhale feel the air in your nose clear your mind and dont think and dont try to feel your presence just be in the momment and this is what i called " pure consciousness state" so basically its zazen meditation of buddhism and after that invite your i am presence ask it to make you feel its presence . remember to acknowledge your oneness with your i am presence and acknowledge that its your only source without its energy your nothing . just try this exercise over and over again until you can feel its presence

the only thing to know its real is to try it .

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