Seeking knowledge

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Seeking knowledge
Post # 1
Hey all, thought I'd drop a couple lines about my intentions of joining this community.

With a variety of activities that I enjoy, nursing my intellect has to be the most prevalent (and time consuming). The most recent area of study I find myself drawn to is that of the occult, which, as you may have guessed, brought me to a forum of likeminded people.
People have spent their lives contemplating the how's and why's of nature, science, the universe; God even.
If other people thousands of years before us have figured out how this world ticks, then what, with our technology and rapid means of sharing data, is stopping us? Is it in our advances as a particular do we lose the ability to become the universal?
We have come so far as to recognize what is going on, and the next step would be discerning the reasoning behind it.

That is what I am here (hopefully) to do. But that begs the question, is such knowledge attainable?
I'm looking to ride that line.

So to reiterate, I am about the philosophical reasonings behind the physical practices.
If anyone has any sources that pertain to such things, I am always an eager reader.
I am also keen on debating such matters in an open forum.

Now that all that's taken care of, I need to lay down a few more things.
1. Please don't mistake my declaration of intent for a psuedo-selfimportant, edgy edge edgemaster demo that 'off the beaten path' subjects seem to attract. I am serious about my intentions and am in no way lacking in social interactions so feel free to answer my questions to the best of your abilities.
2. This site seems to have a pretty solid base, which is why I have selected it for perusing.
3. Other than my already developed thoughts (which are always subject to change) I am not sure of what I myself will be able to contribute, but I will try my best.
Maybe inciting conversation will be enough.

4. I'm actually pretty nice. I dont pass judgement. I just kind of observe and report.
If you ask me my opinion, however, be prepared for a lecture.

I think that just about covers it. Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
I'm an open book.
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