know what spells 'real'

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know what spells 'real'
Post # 1
every spell can work by having 'faith' (knowing how it works), however ( 'fake' spells + your knowledge) < (the data needed to make the spell work) 'fake' spells are really spells you don't know how to cast yet, which makes true both affirmations "some spells are 'fake' " correct, "every spell works with enough faith" correct too, that 'faith' is the understanding you need to make a real copy of what you imagined, that understanding does not even need to be formal, is a spell easy enough for you to make it worth a try? cause failures are not fun as they lead to disappointment, the physical world is just a bigger copy of the imagination, which means everything we can imagine had to be possible first

Re: know what spells 'real'
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
" everything we can imagine must have been real".
Okay, I can imagine a brick wall suddenly disintegrating, and then each brick sprouting a pair of wings, and flying off into outer space. So that must have happened? Don't write such rubbish!

Re: know what spells 'real'
Post # 3
Think she is meaning not all spells are real. Not so much imagining a brick wall flying off into space,but more like it's fake because the whole concept and materials around it won't work. The balance doesn't make sense, etc. Some spells people post are rubbish to begin with. Use your better judgment.

Re: know what spells 'real'
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
The post says,
"the physical is just a bigger copy of the imagination, which means everything we can imagine had to be possible first".
That, is rubbish!

Re: know what spells 'real'
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I completely agree with Brysing, I think enriquemario has just summed up the true definition of what is means to be a "fluff"

Re: know what spells 'real'
By: / Novice
Post # 6
while belief/faith is important for spells, it's not an anything goes thing. just because you can imagine it doesn't make it real. study magick and you'll find out why. now, if we are talking about the astral realm, then i'd let it slide since it is not the physical realm and i've heard of a lot of stuff happening their. [personally i've never tried anything others have claimed so i can't tell you if it's real or not] belief doesn't make it so, we still have to deal with reality. if you can imagine a cupcake it doesn't appear before you, you have to figure out the ingredients needed to make a cupcake.

Re: know what spells 'real'
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Not everything is possible but the principle of what they are saying is correct.

We cannot imagine something out of nothing, the imagination is a merged collection of things we have seen and learned thoughout our life added together to form something in our imagination. Despite all the pieces of information in your imagination once being either real, facts or stories made up by other peoples imaginations, this does not mean that whatever you imagine is therefore real.

A flying brick wall, despite being made up of the image or a real brick wall and real wings of a bird is not possible, despite the individual pieces of information being correct.

That is like saying that turning yourself into half human and half fish is possible, a fish is real, a human is real but a mermaid cannot be, despite the information being real.

Magick is far easier with a little common sense, if you have not seen a pig fly, then it is more than likely not possible, magick is to aid our daily lives, not help us with impossible tasks.

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