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Forums -> Misc Topics -> why?

Post # 1
Why do people say they are monster hunters or etc? Are they saying the truth? Like they say they was born as one. Is it true?
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Re: why?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

People who claim to hunt physical creatures aren't regarded as serious folk and it is usually best to ignore them after they come up with no proof of their "hunting"

Hunting is an acquired skill, not an inborn capability (at least in a domesticated species like us humans who have lost most of our instinctual nature).

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Re: why?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: why?
Post # 4
To be honest, I have never heard of anyone calling themselves monster hunters. I personally am not a fan of most "hereditary practices", as I feel most of it is just fluff. However, there are some practices that could be considered "monster hunters".

I only know of a few traditions that have incorporated "the hunt" into their practice. Especially those who are followers of Cernunnos, but some worshipers of Artemis i know of also incorporate it as well. These types of hunts can be either physically or spiritual. The spiritual hunt is where you would see the hunting of mythological creatures. But it tends to be metaphorical and more as a form of worship than just going out and shooting a dragon.

There is a coven on tumblr that is known for their spiritual hunts. Even to the extent that all of them have spiritual familiars that are hunting dogs, that they use when following Cernunnos. But I don't go on tumblr enough to know the details. Perhaps look around there?

I hope that is what you were asking! Sorry that got a little wordy.
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Re: why?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
fantasy mostly. people see a site called 'spellsofmagic' and assume either

a. Harry Potter is real like i knew all along
b. an RPG site where i can say/do whatever
or c. a site full of gullible people who will acknowledge how awesome i am if i claim to be awesome.

many people who join this site are young and conclude if magick is real monsters must be too, so to be cool they decide to become 'hunters' [because Buffy the Vampire Slayer was awesome and she never had any problems] or they're just messing with you for whatever reason. monster hunting [as seen in movies] is not real, nicely explain that to the person, or simply ignore them depending on your patience level because while some will go 'oh, ok' others will defend themselves.

there is a third option, people who research myths or are like 'ghost hunters' who investigate supernatural claims which are actual fields of study [or hobbies whichever you want to call it] but its easy to tell the difference.
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Re: why?
Post # 6
Very few, if any, supernatural creatures live on this world. People like that watch Supernatural and anime about monster hunters and assume it is cool. Rather than really study, they try to become like their icons. There are good things you can find from shows, but you have to weed out the truth from the storytelling.
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