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gifts received
Post # 1
A collegue has received a gift from an admirer to day and it consists of the following,

A hessian bag filled with fresh lavender
A yellow rose
Jasmine flowers

all fresh

and a jar of what appears to be wax which has been used.

Can anyone let me know if this is of any significance related to a spell.


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Re: gifts received
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Considering the vast number of spells people have made, there is some possibility either way. Those ingredients are used in some love spells, though the rose color is more often supposed to be red or pink.

Does your colleague have a birthday soon or has had one recently? Is there any sort of gift giving event or holiday where you live near now? I'm just trying to find some logic for the gifting.

Considering it is from an admirer, I would not completely doubt if they are trying to not only pass along the remnants of casting a spell, but also have created some sort of charm bag.

If that is the case, it is likely no more than a hope for your colleague to become attracted to the admirer. But don't worry: Your colleague has free will, and can deny any magic sent their way. If your colleague does not want to be with the one who gave the items, then that's that, really.

However, if there is some concern about what energy was given, a simple banishing should be enough to rid it, as well as being rid of the gift -- whether just putting into the garbage (outside the home), putting it beneath running water, burying it off the property, etc., as may be seen fit.
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Re: gifts received
Post # 3
Well, yellow roses (at least in the Western world) tend to symbolize friendship and affection. Although historically, they also represent jealousy but I think in this case they were probably going for friendship. Jasmine flowers are known to promote spiritual love but also a slew of other things and likewise, while lavender is associated with "attraction" it can symbolize anything from sexual attraction to attracting wealth to getting rid of acne.

Herbs have physical properties and "magical" properties. The magical properties are often based on the physical aspects of the plant but equally as often arise from myths or stories with frankly very little basis in reality. At the end of the day, we've assigned the "meanings" to the plants. If you look up most herbs on Google or in a book, the vast majority can either be used for love spells or protection spells or both. As such, if you just list off the ingredients it can be nearly impossible to say what the intention was. From the context it sounds like it's part of a love spell but it could equally be a spell to protect or even to foster good dreams. It's equally possible that it's not a spell at all. Roses, jasmine and lavender all smell lovely.

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Re: gifts received
Post # 4
Thankyou, yes it was part of a birthday gift, Tina has now as you say , had free will and rejected the admirers actions/advances.The gift was returned.

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Re: gifts received
Post # 5
Thankyou also, I will pass on both of these to my collegue

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