chaos magick

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chaos magick
Post # 1
Ok no one is giving anyone a strait answer what is chaos magic pretty much what I'm asking is what can you do with it can you destroy things with it or do you help butterflys. I've read books over it and talked about it and read forums over it but I can't find anything please help
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Re: chaos magick
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Chaps magic comes under scrutiny by some, but basically it boils down to this, if I can sum it up in a few sentences:

It is supposed to eliminate dogma from its practitioners' work. That is to say it separates the often seemingly mandated inclusion of religion with magical work. This is done through many different ways, from invention of unorthodox methods of doing magic (sigils were not so commonly used as they are by chaotes for example), to learning suspension of disbelief to temporarily have full faith in a given pantheon (one of the reasons some bring certain teachings under scrutiny), to plain old experimentation.

A lot of people get thrown off a bit by the term 'chaos,' thinking it is a destructive or disruptive practice. But it refers more to being unordered. Some practitioners encourage doing wildly imaginitive things in order to achieve a magical result, while accepting frequent failure, to see what does and does not work in a ritual or magical context.

There is frequent adoption amd adaptaion of ritual, used to suit the original purpose of the ritual or even a totally new purpose.

As with all traditions of magic, there are people who will insist the literal impossible is true or practical, and even some who will go to great lengths to take advantage to 'teach' these things to people. So be careful of your sources.
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Re: chaos magick
Post # 3
Thank you finally well then destruction magic would be what I am talking about then okay that's easier
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Re: chaos magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
well said persona, definitely agree.

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