Flying spells

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Flying spells
Post # 1
Hi, I'm new here,and I do have some questions. I recently read another forum where people were asking if anyone had a spell to make a broomstick fly. And nearly all of them said that it was impossible. But my question is, if there is a spell to make a carpet fly, why can't there be one to make a broom fly? That's what didn't make any sense to me. I found a spell to make a flying carpet, and couldn't find one to make a flying broom.
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Re: Flying spells
Post # 2

No flying spells are true if it is in the trick or fantasy section or it claims to donsomthing impossible like change your form sorry

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Re: Flying spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Just like the above poster stated, no flying spells are possible, whether for a broom or a carpet.

The fantasy section of the website is solely that, fantasy; it is used to increase footfall to the site, very few if any of the fantasy spells on this site will do anything at all.

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Re: Flying spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Just because a spell claims to be able to make an object fly, whether that is a broom or a carpet or your sofa, doesn't mean that it is a "real" spell. There are tons of spells on this site that are sheer nonsense and will never work no matter how hard you try. For instance, none of the spells in the fantasy section will work.

Use common sense. If such spells actually worked don't you think you'd see many of us riding around on brooms or carpets and missing out on rush hour traffic and the hassle of airports.

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Re: Flying spells
Post # 5

And even if we could do such a thing the atmostphere is freezing we.would die from hypothermia

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