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Great Rite
Post # 1
My boyfriend is Wiccan and I really love him so I want to do the Great Rite with him, right? But how and where do I do it?
I have my plans set up, but would the Gods be okay if I

- did it in a hotel room?
- had a threesome great rite?
- turned up the tv loud so we wouldn't get caught?
- didn't cast a circle?
- didn't bring my tools?
- didn't say a wiccan blessing spell?

I mean, essentially, every act of love and pleasure is a great rite, right? (get it? right, rite? xD) I just don't want to do all the bells and whistles, even though they please Spirit. And I really don't want to invite my whole coven to watch.

Thanks so much for helping :)
Yours and open to learning,
Lady Raven MoonLightShadow
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Re: Great Rite
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I am going to say three things:

If you are under 18 years of age, do not do this at all, with anyone.

Do you understand exactly what this 'rite' is intended for?

I believe that the great rite is a wiccan thing, so if you are not wiccan, you may want to reconsider it.
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Re: Great Rite
Post # 3
No you must not do the so called "Great Rite". Not now - not ever.

I'm not Wiccan, but I know there is nothing magical about the "Great Rite" - it's a perversion of the so called "Wiccan Priests" to exploit their followers.

If something "supernatural" happens during(or after) a Great Rite it's either because it's a cheap circus trick, either because someone's mind unconsciously set it into motion. But there's no real magic in the "Rite" itself.

I personally have always seen things such as the "Great Rite" as dreadful and abominable acts. And I would like, by this post, to warn all people (especially children) to be careful with such stuff.
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Re: Great Rite
Post # 4


You know , I have read a couple of books on Wicca and have never heard of the Great Rite. It seems fairly obsecure and not commonly done.

And so , I did a quick google search and skimmed through it. A fair number of Neo-Pagans and Practioners find it dubious if it was asked to be done by the coven and most agreed that it should be done by experienced practioners of those of a equal level.

I am of the opinion that you should not be performing it at all. Why?

From your comment of

"turned up the tv loud so we wouldn't get caught"

it seems that to imply you are not of age and doing it somewhere you should not be. Not only that , I am of the opinion that such a working would need you to have focus and be immersed in it. I have no idea how one is going to raise sexual energy when one is not in the mood and is constantly distracted by background noise.

If you are not going to cast a circle and going to turn on the TV while doing it , you max well just be having shitty normal sex since your mood is going to be shot down to pieces.

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Re: Great Rite
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The first thing to understand is that while every act of love and pleasure can be sometimes sacred, not every such act is or should be considered the Great Rite. The Great Rite, whether in actuality or in token is the single most sacred and central act of the Wiccan religion. It isn't about having sex with your partner. It is about channeling the God and Goddess in such a way that the act becomes a re-enactment of the Sacred Marriage from which stems all of the energy in the Universe.

What you are talking about has nothing to do with the Great Rite. What you describe is nothing more than having sex. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with sex. But don't try to pretend that this is the Great Rite or use religion as an excuse for what you want to do.

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Re: Great Rite
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Arcadian, you obviously know nothing about the Great Rite at all. I find your post highly insulting to those of us who practice Traditional Wicca for whom the Great Rite is a very sacred ritual done only between consenting adults in private, in a ritual circle, and for very specific reasons.

What you are claiming to be the Great Rite is exactly the same sort of non-sacred sexual activity done randomly but with no religious purpose, such as the actions posted by the original poster.. This act is as distasteful to us as it is to you. But this sort of sexual orgy or perversion is not the Great Rite at all. It is simply plain old garden variety sex done by those who use religion as an excuse to get laid.

I wish in the future you would take more care to verify your facts before making incorrect statements that paint a sacred act in such a miserable light.

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Re: Great Rite
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
I am not Wiccan, but I was appalled at the post by Arcadian! According to this ignoramus the Catholic Mass is actually eating God!
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Re: Great Rite
By: / Novice
Post # 8
'My boyfriend is Wiccan' are you Wiccan or has he just walked up and said 'I'm Wiccan and we should totally have sex aka the Great Rite' or are you also Wiccan and you both decided to have a threesome and call it 'The Great Rite'? If your boyfriend is pressuring you, don't do it. If you have done some soul searching and both decided to do this [provided you're not minors because teens never have sex as we all know *rolls eyes*] then fine, but if you are seriously doing this for religious reasons and not to have a threesome in a hotel, since that is not the Great Rite. But to answer your questions, should you preform the Great Rite:

-You could 'do it' in a hotel.
-No you cannot have a threesome. The Great Rite is the Lord and Lady coming together as one, not the Lord, the Lady, and the Lord's best friend who's totally cool with it bae [oh whatever that slang term for 'baby' is spelled]
-No, you can't turn up the tv. You need to semi-concentrate on what you're doing. You are channeling the Goddess and God. Do you have Jerry Springer playing while holding a full moon circle?
-While not everyone casts circles, you should for the Rite since you are creating 'holy ground' and calling on the God and Goddess.
-You don't need tools, just focus and the ability to direct energy [your index finger works just as well] but if The Great Rite calls for stuff [say cake and ale] you might want to bring it. This is a sacred ceremony after all.
-Say a blessing -_- seriously if you are wanting to disguise your desired menage a trois as a religious ceremony at least put in some effort to make the illusion real.

All your question clearly show you are not doing the Great Rite, nor are you wise or mature enough to do it. If you just want to have a threeway [provided you're not a minor] go for it. Use protection [same goes for the Great Rite] and do it. Sexuality is not evil, just don't try disguising your desires/curiosity for anything more. Yes, you could turn it into a ceremony of sorts, but that's not what you're doing.

Also, normally covens don't pull up chairs and a bucket of popcorn and watch the High Priest and High Priestess preform the Great Rite [I'm sure some do watch but most don't] in group circle it's usually done via symbolism [the High Priest places his athame inside a chalice held by the High Priestess]
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